AJetz: New World Order is a spin-off of The Quest of Ebony series that takes place in a alternate future timeline after The Quest of Amy Rose - Rebirth of Ebony and before The Quest of Amy Rose - Rebirth of Ebony 2.


After Agito90 was banish to the "Netherrealm",He decide to get revenge on Amy Rose and Stocking. So, He hired someone with girl name Cassandra "Cassia" Anderson,who wanted to join his group. With his help, She got a lot of weapon for each other. Then Hired Alex Mercer,DeathStroke,Marik and any body else want to joined without StevenStar. So he return as Dark Agito90 for his own group called Ajetz. "A New world order began..."


  • Dark Agito90
  • Cassandra "Cassia" Anderson
  • Alex Mercer
  • DeathStroke
  • Marik Ishtar/Melvin
  • Bakura


  • Frollo
  • Brian
  • Redac
  • Darth Starkiller
  • Amy
  • Scanty
  • Kneesocks
  • StevenStar (After the Game)


  • Seto Kaiba
  • Gaston Legume
  • Claire "Forrest" Legume
  • Corey Legume (First Appears in 7 years later)
  • Ebony The Hedgehuman (Rebirth) (age of 7)
  • Stockmy (Age of 7)

Enemy TargetsEdit

  • Rosie (First Target)
  • A girl
  • a Girl's dad (he look Short)
  • One Direction
  • Chris Chan (for 3 Years Later)
  • Jigglypuff Guard #64 (for 3 Years Later)
  • The President (Semi-Final Target for 7 year later) (as non-boss)
  • Amy Rose (Final Target for 7 years later)
  • Stocking (Final Target for 7 years later)


First yearEdit

  • Alternate New York
  • Paris
  • Tokyo

Second YearEdit

  • Mobius
  • Greek#
  • Russia#

Third YearEdit

  • Kansas
  • London
  • Jigglypuff Village

Fouth YearEdit

  • Fortress SpaceShip#
  • Canada

Fifth Year and Sixth Year Edit

All Other mission for Cutsence only

Seventh YearEdit

  • Washington DC#
  • The Rose House

[#]: for Short mission Cutsense




Dark Agito90 has finally kill Amy Rose,Cut her arms and legs to pieces. he took Amy's new heart and destroyed it for good. So She died for good and then Stocking arrived anger on him until She was cut to pieces and killed by Cassia who used Stocking Weapon. So, The Ajetz to over the earth. But the only survivors are Ebony and Stockmy, who were still young little (Age of 7), They saw their mother death with their bloods and they cried with tears for them. Soon Ebony (Rebirth) will get revenge on him.


10 years later, One of the last Jugglypuff was escape from Ajetz to hide place. She called her allies for help until the Solider almost Arrest her and point their guns. But her allies have come and Defeat them . She was saved by Ebony and Stockmy.


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