All Power Rangers War is a 2D Animation film is about previous Rangers before Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


This story about all power rangers heroes (MMPR to PRIS)are return to to against the evil forces of The Grand Monarch of Evil instead of Episode of Countdown of Destruction from Power Rangers In Space.

Major Events/Alternate Final war of PRISEdit

  • "A world.... if ....All villains against.... Earth!".
  • What if Andros was never lost himself after Zordon Sacrifice .
  • Billy,Zack and Trini  returned as Rangers.
  • What if Cestria was a Purple Aquitian Rangers
  • What if Astronema has been rejected by Dark Specter because of her failed. Than He decide to replace her to Darkonda as a leader.
  • What if Darkonda Absorbed Dark Specter's powers into Dakonada Specter.
  • What if Eclipter turns good/Neutral side, he fixed Astronema's memories and turns back to Karone.
  • What if Karone Fixed and turn into pink turbo ranger till Space ranger.
  • T.J. has new power between Blue space ranger and red Turbo ranger into Purple Space/Turbo ranger or Ultimate purple ranger to defeat General Havoc and the machine Empire.
  • If their (Rita,Zedd,Dimotox,etc)'s minions can talk.


List of Power Rangers HeroesEdit



Others CharactersEdit


List of All Power Rangers War Soundtrack:-

  1. Paramore - Pressure
  2. Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox)
  3. Power Rangers in Space OST - Best of the Best of the Best



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