Bellwood vs Hyrule poster

Bellwood vs Hyrule

Bellwood vs Hyrule is Crossover fighting games. The games are Ben 10 series and CD-I Link/Zelda game. From creator of Marvel vs Capcom 3/Street Fighter X Tekken and second-creator of TGWTG Anniversary 2009 Brawl.


Their are two town between Bellwood and Hyrule.Team Bellwood are Ben,Gwen,Kevin and etc. Team Hyrule are The King,Link,Zelda & etc.


Playable Characters

Team Bellwood Team Hyrule System Exclusive
Ben The King Lili
Gwen Link Sora (PS3/Vita)
Kevin Zelda Riku (PS3/Vita)
Max Gwonam
Vilgax Ganon
Psyphon Hectan
Sean Morshu
Rage Impa
Sevenseven Militron
Will Mayor Kravindish
Charmcaster Alma
Darkstar Fari
Dr.Animo Hungry Girl
Gorvan George
Enoch Beer Guy
Albedo Lupay


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