Birch Small
Birch 16 redraw
Birch from Rise of Exile


13 (My life Me)
16 (Rise of Exile)




Manga Artist


Whip Laser Skill
Manga Drawing
Tae kwon do


Unnamed Parents
Liam Coll (Cousin)
Neko (Pet,deceased)


Ace Marshall (Crush)
Raffi Rodriguez
Sandra le Blanc
Ray Sully
Jessie Fillgrim


Girls' Generation - Genie

Birch Small is a young member of their group. She loves Manga and she had crushed on Raffi until she felt never crush on him. But, she had another crush on Ace.


Birch is a Shy,Cute,Avenge Girl is always Loves manga. She had a crush on Raffi until she has no longger crush on Raffi and they became friends. In Rise of Exile, She felt happy became a young manga artist since a years ago. when she feel fidgety neurotic to a so-laid-back-she's-horizontal chilled out girl or became hotter. She is strip and almost take off her clothes. Then one of her friend snap her up and she felt embarrassed herself.


My Life MeEdit

10 Birch

13 year old Birch

Birch is a newcomer to the town and one of the four main characters. She always loved manga, and is a young talented artist. Birch is 13 years old making her younger than everyone else in his "pod". Birch has a crush on Raffi as hinted in a number of episodes, and is shown to be very familiar with almost anything involving art, including various historical artist names. Her interest in Raffi and trying to impress him has her often doing absurd things such as becoming vegetarian simply because Raffi was conflicted with her love of fast foods, and meaty foods. She is also heavily interested with Japanese Manga and is usually seen drawing these comics in said style. Birch is really close with her cousin Liam, who is also part of her pod (pod 4).

Rise of ExileEdit

3 years later, Birch is 16 year old senior. She is attractive by boys and men were in love on her because She is most beautiful girl in school (similar of Reffi Rodriguez). She still is young talented artist and success became a young manga artist. Her comic's names is known as, " Love air". She spilt the pod from long ago. But, she still with her cousin, Liam. She was no longer crush on Raffi and became friends. Sandra, She never talk to her from a long ago since she was a 10th grade. She has a new love interest, Ace Marshall.


as 13 year old

Alternate Reality versionEdit

  • Strip 2 Dead (as 16 year old/as Alice)




  • Raffi (Good Friend)
  • Sandra (Frenemy)
  • Ray Sully (Friend)
  • Jessie Fillgrim (Friend)

Love InterestsEdit

  • Ace Marshall (Crush until lover/Boyfriend)
  • Raffi (Former Crush)


My life meEdit

Rise of ExileEdit

Strip 2 DeadEdit