These are for anyone whose completed a match in Classic Mode, where they then say a victorious line


  1. against - 
  2. against - 
  3. against - 
  4. against - 
  5. against (Rival 1) - 
  6. against - 
  7. against - 
  8. against - 
  9. against - 
  10. against (Rival 2) - 

Smash Bros. Lawl InvasionEdit

Gandhi (Clone High)Edit

  1. against Rabbid- "What a raving deal, why can't you talk, man?"
  2. against The Blob- "Whoa! Your'e making me fall asleep, to death, bro!"
  3. against Berk- Berk: "Say what?" Gandhi: "No, no, no! SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?"
  4. against CGI King K. Rool- *puts on K. Rool's crown* "I'm the king of the world!" K. Rool: "That's my crown, ya humanic moron!"
  5. against Crash (Rival 1) - "Ha! In your face!"
  6. against Shantae- "You know, you look good with purple hair."
  7. against Klasky Csupo Robot- "Ever think about scaring anyone?"
  8. against Delete & Buzz- "Mixed up your nuts and bolts!"
  9. against Toon King Dedede- "Why are you fat? Can you just get in shape, bro?"
  10. against Pelswick (Rival 2) - "SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?"

Delete & Buzz (CyberChase)Edit

  1. against Berk- Buzz: "Next time, let's go to a place that's not so scary."
  2. against Pelswick- Delete: "Hey! This guy and I are voiced by Robert Tinker!"
  3. against Rabbid- Delete: "I'm gonna love him, and keep him, and call him George!"
  4. against Klasky Csupo Robot- Buzz: "Whoa, that guy is big and scary!"
  5. against Toon King Dedede (Rival 1) - Buzz: “The boss isn't going to happy about that!” Delete: "Did we abuse this penguin?"
  6. against Gandhi- Delete: "Look at 'im, look at 'im! He's a goner!" *laughs*
  7. against Crash- Buzz: "Well, I thought he's gonna remove my bolts."
  8. against CGI King K. Rool- Delete: "What a fatty you are!"
  9. against The Blob- Buzz: "Dry up, ya green scum!"
  10. against Bill & Aldo (Rival 2) - Delete: "Heard your mom says you don't play with your food!" Aldo: "Stop that!"

Toon King Dedede (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!)Edit

  1. against Crash- "You never wanna face-slam me!"
  2. against Rabbid- "I don't know about you, but get used to it."
  3. against Gandhi- "Did I do that?"
  4. against Bill & Aldo- "Waddling around this place, flappy!"
  5. against Berk (Rival 1) - Berk: "Oh, globbits!" Toon King Dedede: "Never gonna stop, I see? Your'e worse than that there Kirby!" Berk: "You insulter! Sniff that."
  6. against Klasky Csupo Robot- "Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Your'e too scary, get outta here!"
  7. against Pelswick- "Let me ride your wheelchair!"
  8. against Shantae- "Ok, nice body, purple hair, magical forms, what's next?"
  9. against Delete & Buzz- "I glitched you guys up!"
  10. against CGI King K. Rool (Rival 2) - CGI King K. Rool: "Well, at least we're friends now." Toon King Dedede: "Right, we are the video game monarchs on TV!"

Epic Lawl Fighters NOW! 2Edit

Elijah EubankEdit

  1. against Berk- "Why on Earth are you around for 1984 and 1986? But, you get your point."
  2. against Rabbid- "Well, I take a excuse. You have a high-pitched scream, right?"
  3. against Gru- "What does this do?" *uses Shrink Ray*
  4. against '80s Michelangelo- "Wow! It's like I traveled in time!"
  5. against I.M. Meen (Rival 1) - "Look out! I'm putting you in your book!"
  6. against Mario- "Don't worry, I won't let you down."
  7. against The Guy Who Does Not Like Green Eggs and Ham- "Listen, why does Sam-I-Am never leave you alone?"
  8. against George the Volcano- "Hey! I drink water. Lemme get your water, big grey fella."
  9. against Ranamon- "By the way, I wish I can swim with you someday."
  10. against Corey (a.k.a.: Icefido) (Rival 2) - "I knew it, you need more skill of drawing."

The Guy Who Does Not Like Green Eggs and HamEdit

  1. against 8-Bit AVGN- "No! I hate that Sam-I-Am, and you hate bad games."
  2. against I.M. Meen- "I made you weep like a crybaby, now be nice to the kids."
  3. against Donkey Kong- "You furry ape, why don't you get a haircut?"
  4. against Red- "Sorry about that, but we always be angry!"
  5. against Steve Urkel (Rival 1) - "If you guess that, then you'll be sorry."
  6. against Gizmo the Mogwai- "By the way, you didn't eat after midnight!"
  7. against King Dedede- "Oh, where's a pink ball when you need him?"
  8. against Stu Pickles- "Why do you do that pudding thing? I don't know."
  9. against cantflyman- "Ugh, your videos! They look weird."
  10. against Robbie Rotten (Rival 2) - "I do not like you, you low-life scum!"

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