Male Colin Jr Pendergast (aka: Cpend7)
Female Sally Acorn
Male Age 17
Female Age Unknown (it was 17)
Male Voice Colin Jr Pendergast
Female Voice Kath Soucie (in Sonic SATAM)
Hugs 8
Kisses (Cheeks & Forehead) 10
Kisses (Lips) 15
Almost Kisses 3
Episode Met World of Smash Bros Lawl
Episode started loving W.I.P.
Rivals Cpend7's Rivals: W.I.P.
Sally Acorn's Rivals: W.I.P.
Alias Cpenally/Sallend7/Colilly/Sallion
Series Involved World of Smash Bros Lawl/SEGA

How it All StartedEdit


Sudden AgreementsEdit


Further ProofEdit


Future Wedding IdeaEdit

Random TriviaEdit


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