The Dark Wood Circus



Music Track

The Dark Wood Circus

The Dark Wood Circus is a Vocaloid song. It is part of the "The Dark Woods Circus" saga and is the most well known song from there.

The Dark Woods Circus Saga tells of Miku's insanity while being shipped to an asylum. She and other Vocaloids are then deformed and sent to a circus, where eventually she commits suicide, is sent to Hell and finally spends the rest of eternity as the grim reaper.

It has been theorized that Dark Woods Circus is based on actual events where, back in the Edo Period, a "circus" would kidnap children, amputate them, rape them, throw acid on them if they misbehaved, and make them act cheerful and happy for visitors who came to see the "show". To see the show, you had to look through holes in various tents. Miku and others are now part of the circus. Miku is now a "deformed diva", having her legs replaced with that of a goat. Rin and Len have both of their heads on one body. Kaito had his brain switched with a dog's and is hinted to be a cannibal. They all hate the circus, although Rin pretends that she is happy and having fun while Len and Miku openly express their hatred for it.

In the Creepypasta the Fighter version of this stage, you can see Rin and Len performing. Rin is smiling, pretending to be happy, while Len is obviously not. Miku can be seen in her cage sobbing while Kaito is in his cage eating what looks like a human arm.


The winner throws the loser into the cage of the "Blue Creature" (Kaito). Kaito then starts ripping the loser apart and eats him/her like a wild animal.

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