Japanese Shrine



Music Track


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Stage FinisherEdit

There are 3 options...

  1. The loser is thrown into a room where a Yuki-Onna freezes and breaks him/her.
  2. The loser is thrown out where he/she gets attacked by a Teke-Teke.
  3. The loser is thrown into the pond where a Kappa attacks him/her.


  • The Teke Teke is a Japanese Urban Legend about the ghost of a young woman, or school girl, who fell on a railway line and was cut in half by the oncoming train. Now a vengeful spirit, she carries a Scythe or a saw and travels on her hand or elbows, her dragging upper torso making a scratching or 'teke teke' sound. If she encounters anyone at night and the victim is not fast enough, she will slice them in half at the torso, mimicking her own disfigurement.

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