Mowgli's Palace


Emerald City, North Carolina

Music Track

myuuji - It's A Small World (Abandoned by Disney version)

Mowgli's Palace was a Disney resort based off of The Jungle Book where the concept was a jungle-like environment with the heart of it being a large Indian palace, all staffed by employees in loincloths and tribal gear. Nowadays, it's merely an abandoned resort with semi-swaying meat hooks, released wildlife, still-running water, mysterious voices, randomly placed areas where the motto "Abandoned by Disney" was painted, a post-apocalyptic-like mascot-only room with very soggy clothing and rotted out food and drinks, and a charcter prep room where it seemed as though people that were dressed up as the various mascots had commited suicide leaving their corpses to rot as well as a photo-negative Mickey Mouse costume that once pulled off its own head with thick, curdled, yellow blood seeping out the digits of the costumes. Upon exiting the first character prep room, the doorway above leading out the room had one last message clawed into the metal wall via bone/fingernails: "Abandoned by God." Upon exiting, the person that at first wanted to blog about it knew why Disney never wanted anyone to talk about this. They didn't want anyone like that guy getting in; they didn't want anyone, or anything rather, like that mascot getting out.

Stage FinisherEdit

The Abandoned Mascot appears and removes his head as thick, curdled, yellow blood oozes from the top of the neck. He then tosses his head at the loser, only to either have him/her get scared to death or inexplicably explode into a pond of blood and flesh upon direct contact.

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