Rainbow Factory


Cloudsdale, Equestria

Music Track

WoodenHornets - Rainbow Factory

The Rainbow Factory is a vaguely known factory in Equestria. Inside the industrial vicinity in the semi-heavenly town overlooking Ponyville, Equestria is where the sheer insanity occurs. Pegasi are taken into various cells where they are later on taken into labs. They'll come out monochrome, showing that the supply of certain colors is refilled at the cost of an innocent life. Who exactly runs this, you ask? Nopony but the Element of Loyalty herself...Rainbow Jennifer Dash.

Stage FinisherEdit

Rainbow Dash grabs the loser and holds him/her over a labyrinth. There are 3 options...

  1. The labyrinth rotates forward and the loser is dropped down, only to then be impaled by 5 spears on each side, splitting the opponent into 4 parts (head, upper body, lower body, and legs) as blood flows out of the areas the spears had impaled him/her in. The spears then pull back and the opponent's parts fall down individually.
  2. The labyrinth rotates backward and the loser is dropped down, only to then have his/her lower parts crushed by 2 spiked pillars. The loser's torso then falls only to then get crushed by another pair of spike pillars. Finally, the head's crushed by yet another pair of spike pillars.
  3. The loser gets dropped down, only to be burned alive as his/her skin, muscular system, and organs melt quickly, leaving only a skeleton to drop and smash on the floor, which disintegrates into ash and bone meal.

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