Suicide Lane



Music Track


This is the city from the Suicide Mouse video, but this time, it looks more like a city, complete with streets, stores and everything.

The city is gray-scaled, but the HUD remains colored. Everything is now cartoon-like. Suicide Mouse can be seen standing next to a lamppost in the background. If he's in the fight, then a man hanging himself from said lamppost will take his place. At a store, you'll see Minnie Mouse staring solemnly at the ground. And Donald Duck can be seen in the middle of the road. If the fight lasts long enough, he'll be run over by a pizza delivery truck.


The winner grabs the loser by the neck and holds him/her up. With this, there are four finisher options.

    • Option 1: The winner throws the loser onto the road. A car reading "EAT AT HARRY'S!!!" runs the loser over, (Even showing an X-Ray of their neck snapping).
    • Option 2: The winner takes the loser over to Minnie, and sets the loser next to her when she's not looking. When she sees the loser, she screams and starts beating him/her with her purse. She continues to smack the loser's head to a bloody pulp until it explodes.
    • Option 3: The winner sees a nearby sewer cover, and takes the loser to it. The winner opens it and throws the loser inside the sewer, to which he/she is eaten by a sewer alligator, leaving only his/her legs.
    • Option 4: The winner stops a white van that reads "COME TO DISNEYLAND!" in permanent marker and brings the loser to it. He/she throws the loser into the van where it drives away off-screen. The loser's scream is heard before it's stopped by a gunshot, and a pool of blood comes onto the screen.

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