The Nether


It is the location

Music Track


The Nether is a realm that players can enter in Minecraft. The way to enter it is to make a wall of obsidian (psst, you can mine it with a diamond pickaxe) that should be 8 blocks long and 4 blocks wide with a 2x6 hole where the window thin portal will be. Upon staying in it for a certain short amount of time, players will appear in what can only be described as Notch's interpreted hell with the ground made of what looks like flesh and there being pools of lava as Ghasts (jellyfish-like airborne enemies that can spit fire at players), Blazes (heated entities with spinning...arms? that drop Blaze Rods upon being killed), and Zombie Pigmen (which can also be made during a thunderstorm in the normal realm).

Stage FinisherEdit

The loser is thrown into a pool of lava, where he/she burns to death.

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