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The twisted cartoon studio is basically the area where one can find various twisted cartoons (ex: Candle Cove, Happy Appy, Rugrascals, etc.) and lost episodes (ex: Squidward's Suicide/Red Mist, Dead Bart, Suicidemouse.avi, etc.). In one corner in the background of the arena, there is one person named Sid strapped to a chair with wires coming out of his heart that leads to a TV playing a looping cartoon of someone walking down a bright and colorful area where he'll occasionally wave at the screen and say hello in a bubbly voice, around other lost episodes that play. Sid has no eyes and has a smile of sheer disturbance. Aside from him, you can see Diabetic Patrick in a hospital bed with an IV bag hooked up, Dissected Italy looking up with a smile while his stomach lays cut open, Little Bear reading a large red book, and so on.

Stage FinisherEdit

The loser is thrown into a lunch break room where Grieving Gumball grabs him/her, leaving him/her open to Psychotic Angelica who stabs him/her with her "Cynthia" doll, Dead Bart who smashes him/her in the head with a television, Johnny 2xEp. 34 who smacks the loser in the face with plank, and Suicidal Squidward who shoots his/her head off with the same shotgun he used to commit suicide.

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