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Created by:


Developed by:

Toei Company
Ishimori Productions



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Cartoon Network Studios

Distributed by:

MP6 Productions
Toei Company
Cartoon Network
Warner Bros. Television

Crossover Rider Double (クロスオーバーライダーダブル) is a Japanese-American television series in collaboration of MP6 Productions, Toei Company, and Cartoon Network Studios. Unlike Crossover Rider Biometal Knight and Crossover Rider Dimensions, three Japanese studios (Satelight Inc., Sunrise, and Toei Animation) were not involved in this series. Instead, Cartoon Network Studios will animate the series.


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  • Mordecai and Rigby as Double Rider
  • Finn as Accel Rider
  • Eddy as Skull Rider
  • Eternal Rider


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Other MediaEdit

Crossover Rider Double: WBXEdit

A comic book series based on Crossover Rider Double published by IDW Publishing.

Crossover Rider Double: Ultimate MissionEdit

A video game developed by MP6 Interactive, distributed by Cartoon Network Interactive, and published by Bandai for Wii U.

Crossover Rider Double X Harmony Unleashed: Equestrian Trinity - Spirit Brony ExtremisEdit

A collaboration crossover movie by MP6 and NI97. Cartoon Network Studios will animate the Crossover Rider Double characters, while some of HU:ET studios will animate the HU:ET characters. On August 15th, MP6 reveals the title known as, "Spirit Brony Extremis". Produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Sunrise with the co-production of A-1 Pictures and distributed by both Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) & Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.

Harmony Unleashed: Anthro Bunraku X Crossover Rider DoubleEdit

A special graphic novel book from NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97 and Hasbro, published by Oni Press, and licensed by MP6 and IDW Publishing. It was the first to have a title (NaruIchi97 X MasterPikachu6).

Crossover Rider Double X Power Rangers StrikeforceEdit

A crossover special between CRW & PR:Strikeforce. It was also act as a revival special of Strikeforce. Besides CRW and PR:Strikeforce, it also features Dimension Rider and X Rider.

OVA: Crossover Rider Double: Extreme NightEdit

A OVA of Crossover Rider Double, which is a epilogue of the series.


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