Male Danny Vasquez
Female Lydia Prower
Male Age 17
Female Age 16
Male Voice John Omohundro
Female Voice Lydia Prower
Hugs 3
Kisses (Cheeks & Forehead) 1
Kisses (Lips) ??
Almost Kisses ??
Episode Met ???
Episode started loving ???
Rivals Danny Vasquez's Rivals:
Lydia Prower's Rivals:
Alias Danndia/Prowquez
Series Involved Bravest Warriors/Smash Bros. Lawl Superior

How It All BeganEdit

Somewhere in December 2013 Lydia Prower thought it didn't feel right to have Pen as one of her boyfriends, also she felt sorry for her favourite BW character having such a hard life in the recent episodes. On the 16th, she put a comment on Pen's page on the WoBSL wiki saying she'd rather that Pen was now her assistant and Danny was her other boyfriend while Sandvich33 still had the same status. StevenStar777 replied with a simple 'Whatever.' which she took as a yes. On June 2014, it was simmered down to a mere crush.


Lydia Prower means no offence to any fangirls of Danny Vasquez or anyone who ships him with Beth or Plum. She doesn't mind either pairing. (In fact if she had to pair him up with either of them, it'd be Plum despite the events in 'Mexican Touchdown'.) Plus she cares about him and Sandvich33 equally.

See alsoEdit

Sandvich33 X Lydia Prower

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