Dean Brawl & his Friends 6: Scourge of the Seven Seas is the sixth installment of the Dean Brawl & his Friends Series, that has a new Pirate / Treasure Hunt Theme that focuses the mysteries of the unknown Regions hidden outside of Hectare, Yeager & Rugal, within the vast open ocean.


In "Dean Brawl & his Friends 6: Scourge of the Seven Seas", the Series Gameplay has updated to a new Pirate / Treasure Hunt genre & it will contain a couple of traveling, climbing & puzzles to solve mysteries on new lost Region Islands within the vast open seas, even with sea / pirate battles.


Prologue/Stage 1: Pirate PlunderEdit


Near the entrance of Hectare City, cannonballs were suddenly fired at the entrance, blasting it open & Skull Pirates, who were lead by Captain Ghastly, were breaking & entering the Hectare City to start a raid for the loot. This situation got the attention of Dean Brawl & Co. to hurry over to the city & help the Hectare Guards stop the pirates & freeing the hostages from the 4 Elite Mates from 4th to 1st. The heroes beating the Fourth Mate, the Third Mate, the Second Mate Sally Saltys & the First Mate in order, protecting the castle from their attempts of robbbery. After the threat being past they begin to question who the Skull Pirates are. But when Devin accidently knocks over a picture, they discover a Regional Treasure Map of all 26 Regions ranging from A to Z. Even more so when Jaguar found the legend of Captain Ghastly himself, knowing that the captain is a Pirate Ghost that is consumed by Greed from all of the Pirate Treasures the Skull Pirates have stolen over the years, but when the Ancient Sisters of each region joined together & unleashes their ancient magic power at Captain Ghastly, the blast strikes him down into the underworld, but his soul still remains free with greed, leading on a legacy of many future Skull Pirates from the past to today. The Team decided to find the Treasures & make sure that they are well protected from the Skull Pirates & making sure they don't steal by greed.

Stage 1: The Hearts of Hectare (Hectare City Heart)Edit

The Team start off by finding the treasure of Hectare City, which is the Hectare City Heart by following the Treasure Map to find any clues on how to find them. First they must find the 8 Coloured Hearts, each of them represents each emotion from a Human Heart. Next they place the Hearts in the notches of a Heart Shaped Statue that begins thumping & pumping, coming to life, shining a beam of pink light to the temple, while also emitting excess pink love spray all over the city. The Team makes it to the temple with the Giant Ladies Statues, meaning that they must be the Ancient Sisters who are protecting the Issabella Water & avoid the love traps, only to trigger one & got sent to a secret underground room known as the Ancient Sister Love Torture Chamber & quickly escapes from the Female Monsters rising From their tombs, only to fight against the Giant Statue.

With a lot of tricky plans, the Giant Golem has been taken down, by Jaguar's & Misty's ambush from above. While the team begin to protect the Hectare City Heart, the Monsters, Female & Male were reunited with one another, claiming that they were separated from one another since the Female Monsters were trapped in the Torture Chamber. As the female monsters thank them & have given them the Red Flare incase they need help, the team sets out, with Mad Light thinking that the treasures serve a bigger purpose than they thought.

Stage 2: Vanguards of Hell (Yeager Green Crystals)Edit

The team arrives at Yeager only to run into a fight between the Skull Pirates & the Vanguards fighting for dominance, while the Yeager City Citizens quickly run for their lives. The team decides that it's not safe to travel through the city which is like a war zone, so the team decides to sneak past through the dark alley while following the hidden Crystal trail to the mines, due to Nesbitt now having the new Green Power from the Green Crystal he had affected from earlier to see through the ground to find the crystals. During the struggle, Sally Saltys, the second Mate of the Ghastly Pirate Crew spots the team along with the Vanguard member, Jannard & follows after them. The team come across the Boulder blocking the mines & Toxic uses the special acid to weakened & crack the boulder down to size. While they journey down through the tunnel, they come across a crystaline dance floor, knowingly that they have to dance the right steps to move on to gain access to the mines, but it will be difficult when the Skull Pirates & the Vanguards begin to interfere, now Devin & Jessica has to dance for the team to gain access, while the rest keep the enemies away from the dancing couple.

After a long while, the heroes succeeded on defending the Crystal Mines from the Skull Pirates & the Vanguards, they manage to get their rightful hands on the Green Crystal. Dean & Co. begin to realise that more people than just the Skull Pirates are after the treasure. It would seem the rumours began to spread like a wild fire. The sooner the heroes find the rest of the hidden treasures, the better.

Stage 3: Circus of Thunder (Rugal Golden Shaped Diamond)Edit

Next, the Heroes travel By Jessica's Hot Rod Car to get to the Rugal Region, according to Toxic, it is known as the Ghost Region & with a big reason, the Rugal City was devastated in a big war that had started for reasons unknown & still remain a mystery to this day. To find the Manor known as the Vladstone Manor, one must find the Black Sands to get to the Rugal City, which is in a big storm. However the heroes were interrupted & were chased by not only the Vanguards, but also a Circus Train belonging to another evil group known as the Clowns. Now knowing that the heroes have 3 mortal enemies on the treasure hunt now, they must first escape into the city.

"More Coming Soon"

Stage 4: The Predators' Awakening (Amazonian Crown)Edit

Stage 5: The Tails of the Sea (Oceania Trident)Edit

Stage 6: Genies & Pirates (Sahara Magic Lamp)Edit

Stage 7: Snowbody is Safe (Frozone Crown)Edit

Stage 8: ??? (Boss Battle: Captain Ghastly)Edit



  • Dean Brawl (Male)
  • Brie May (Female)
  • Tank Miles (Male)
  • Devin Explosion (Male)
  • Nesbitt Steel (Male)
  • Lita Magic (Female)
  • Pearl White (Female)
  • Jessica Blood (Female)
  • Luna Fey (Female)
  • Paul the Merchant (Male)
  • Jaguar Fetales (Female)
  • Shawn (Male)
  • Nicholas Santa (Female)
  • Misty Felix (Female)
  • Grass Spike (Male)
  • Toxic McLovin (Male)
  • Mad Light (Male)
  • Carlito Crunch (Male)
  • Damieno (Male)
  • Sarge (Male)
  • Emma ??? (Monster Girl) (Female) (Debut)
  • Granite ??? (Rock Man) (Male) (Debut)
  • Amber ??? (Crystal Girl) (Female) (Debut)
  • Agatha ??? (Zombie Girl) (Feamle) (Debut)
  • Velvet ??? (Vampire Girl) (Female) (Debut)

Additional CharactersEdit

  • Stuart Uranus (Male)
  • Buccaners (Unknown Ally Pirates)
    • ???
  • Sirens (Unknown Female Pirates)
    • ???
  • Hectare Civilians
    • Normal Civilians
  • Yeager Civilians
    • Normal Civilians
  • Rugal Civilians
    • Zombies
    • Vampires
  • Lost Reigons
    • Amazonia Civilians
      • Wild Cats (Feline Female Group)
        • King Lion
        • Queen Lioness
        • Panther Girl
        • Leopard Girl
        • Tiger Girl
        • Lioness Girl
        • Lion Boy
        • Cheetah Girl
      • Jungle Civilians
      • Insect Civilians
      • ???
    • Oceania Civilians
      • Mermaids (Female Group)
      • Tropical Civilians
      • ???
    • Sahara Civilians
      • Arabian Civilians
      • Egyptian Civilians
      • Belly Dancers (Female Group)
      • ???
    • Frozone Civilians
      • Ice Explorers
      • Snow People
      • ???


  • Skull Pirates (Main Enemy Pirates)
    • Captain Ghastly (Male Ghost Pirate) (Main Antagonist)
    • Elite Four Skull Pirates
      • ??? (First Mate/Rival)
      • Sally Saltys (Second Mate/Female Rival)
      • ??? (Third Mate)
      • ??? (Fourth Mate)
  • Vanguards (5 Known Members)
    • Eduardo Napalm
    • ??? (Speedy Mech)
    • Jannard
    • ???
    • ???
  • Clowns
    • Liontamer
    • ???
  • Teknos
    • Mantis
    • Killcycle
    • ???
  • ???


  • Pirates (Various: Skull Pirates/???)
    • Normal
    • Sword Slahsers
    • Gun Slingers
    • Brutes
    • Big Guns (Cannon)
    • Sea Sirens (Females)
    • Skeletons (Elite: Skull Pirates)
  • Seas Creatures (Predators)
    • Sharks
    • Sea Monsters
  • Monsters
    • Female Monsters
  • Vanguards (No More Anarchy)
    • Normal Guards
      • Male
      • Female
    • Sergeant
  • Clowns (No More Anarchy)
    • Clown Goons (Males)
    • Jester Girls (Females)
  • Rugal Zombies & Vampires (Controlled by Ghastly)
  • Teknos (No More Anarchy)
    • Robots
    • ???
  • ???


  • First Mate (Hectare/Prologue)
  • Giant Statue (Hectare)
  • Sally Saltys & Jannard (Devin & Jessicia's Duet Dance Off) (Yeager)
  • Liontamer (Rugal)
  • ??? (Amazonia)
  • ??? (Oceania)
  • ??? (Sahara)
  • ??? (Frozone)
  • Captain Ghastly (Final Boss)

Locations (Missions)Edit

  • Hectare Region (Prologue/Stage 1)
    • Hectare City
      • Mission #1: Protect Hectare City from the Skull Pirates
        • Mission #1A: Save the Captured Citizens
        • Mission #1B: Stop as Many Pirates as you can
        • Mission #1C: Defeat the Skull Pirates' Elite Four
          • Defeat First Mate
      • Mission #2: Find all 8 Hearts with Each Colour represent each Emotion
        • Red: Courage
        • Yellow: Happiness
        • Blue: Sadness
        • Green: Disgust
        • Pink: Love
        • Orange: Anger
        • Purple: Fear
        • White: Hope
      • Mission #3: Find an Ancient Heart Statue
      • Mission #4: Follow the Beam of Light to the Lost Temple
    • Ancient Sisters' Lost Temple
      • Mission #5: Explore the Temple, while watching out for any tricks & traps.
      • Mission #6: Escape from the Love Torture Chamber & the Female Monsters.
      • Mission #7: Defeat the Giant Stone Statue
  • Yeager (Stage 2)
    • Yeager City
      • Mission #1: Sneak your way through the Dark Alley, past the Skull Pirate & Vanguard War, without getting spotted.
      • Mission #2: Follow the Hidden Crystal Road Trail to the Crystal Mines
      • Mission #3: Shatter the Boulder blocking the entrance.
      • Mission #4: Unlock the Dance Puzzle to gain access to the Crystal Mines.
        • Mission #4A: Devin & Jessica's Duet Dance Off
        • Mission #4B: Defend Devin & Jessica while Defeating Sally Saltys & Jannard
  • Rugal (Stage 3)
    • Road to Rugal
      • Mission #1: Escape from the Vanguards' Truck & the Clowns's Circus Train
    • Rugal City
      • Mission #2: Explore Rugal City to Find the Vladstone Manor
      • Mission #3: Survive through the Circus Tent against the following:
        • Clowns, Vanguards & Skull Pirates
      • Mission #4: Defeat the Liontamer to get to the Manor
      • Mission #5: Solve the Coffin Puzzle of the Manor while in a Race Against Time to avoid the Zombies & Vampires
  • Lost Regions
    • Amazonia (Stage 4)
      • Mission #1: Defend the Wildcats' Tribal Village from the Teknos & Eduardo
      • Mission #2: ???
    • Oceania (Stage 5)
      • ????
    • Sahara (Stage 6)
      • ????
    • Frozone (Stage 7)
      • ????
  • Captain Ghastly's Pirate Island (Stage 8/Final Stage)
    • ???

Ancient Hidden TreasuresEdit

  • Hectare City Heart (Hectare)
  • Yeager City Green Crystal (Yeager)
  • Rugal Golden-Shaped Diamond (Rugal)
  • Amazonia Idol (Amazonia)
  • Oceania Trident (Oceania)
  • Sahara Magic Lamp (Sahara)
  • Frozone Crown (Frozone)


  • Pirate Weapons
    • Pirate Cutlass
    • Pirate Musket
    • Hand Cannons
    • Normal Cannon
  • Swords
  • Blades
  • Machine Guns
  • Bombs
  • Lasers
  • Magic
  • Skunk Gas
  • Fireballs
  • Lunar Magic
  • Electricity
  • Daggers
  • Lightbulb Bombs
  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Hammers
  • Axes
  • Ice Powers
  • Kitty Claws
  • Claw Gaunlets
  • Flamethrowers
  • Grass Elemental Attacks
  • Poison








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