Doraemon X Archie (or known as Doraemon V.S Archie) is an crossover fighting game being developed by A90.


It begans with 2 worlds. In Doraemon Universe/DU,Nobita wants to help Doraemon to defeat Takeshi. In Archie Universe/AU, Archie and his friends during study at school until school out. At DU, Nobita found a piese of card after Doraemon left his room. Then he finally (ones again) defeat Takeshi ones more. Later, Doraemon Search to time hole to the other universe known AU. Meanwile, Archie forgot his book on hs  class. Suddenly, Doraemon open the locker door and he saw a school hall.

Doraemon walks until he saw Archie and they Shocked each other. Archie thinks his an alien. Doraemon want to speak with him until Archie punch him. He felt angry and fight each other. Later, Archie defeat him until he saw the locker opens. He walk and saw the place looks weird. So,Archie sit on time drive and accident to push bottom to go back to DU. Later, Archie open the drawer and saw Nobita's room. He felt strange about this world. Suddendly, Nobita went home until he saw Archie.

(To Be Writing...)

Playable CharactersEdit

"*" - Unlock Characters

Doraemon Archie
Doraemon Archie Andrews
Nobita Jughead Jones
Shizuka Betty Cooper
Suneo Veronica Lodge
Takeshi/Giant Reggie Mantle