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Xbox 360
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Release Date

JP December 2, 2013
JP January 5, 2014
NA January 12, 2014
EU January 15, 2014
Handle Consoles
JP March 1, 2014
NA, March 2, 2014
EU March 2, 2014


Namco Bandai Games

EX Combat, is a crossover fighting game, and a direct sequel to Meteor Crash Battle, devoloped by Koei and Namco Bandai once again, with the collaboration of Akira.


It takes place 1 Year, after the events of Meteor Crash Battle. It tells a misterious orb that Andrew Star created years ago and put it on the cave before his death, is called The Orb of Chaos, it is a massive destruction orb that will destroy the entire world if it breaks it, years later, when Smithy found the cave and search for the treasure, he finds a secret door that leads to the orb, when he found that orb, he says "I'll destroy every species with this special orb!", so he put the orb on his lab for secret experiments. Meanwhile, John, and his friends heard that The EX Tournament is coming tommorow, the next day, they partecipate the Tournament for the special prize.


  • Arcade Mode
  • Vs. Mode
  • Options


Same as Meteor Crash Battle, but SSFIV gameplay is switched with SFEX gameplay.

Character Japanese Translation Official Page
John ジョン See here
Robo ロボ See here
Cosmo シードコスモ See here
Rosie ロージー See here
Pegasus Seiya ペガサス星矢 See here
Heihachi Mishima 平八三島 See here
Steven Star スティーブン·スター See here
Neo ネオ See here
Charo リザ See here
Jerry di Ibuki ジェリー·ディ·伊吹 See here
Amaterasu アマテラス See here
Sandvich33 サンドヴィッチ33 See here
Xerneas ゼルネアス See here
Goku 悟空 See here
Spongebob Squarepants スポンジボブ See here
Bizarro John (Computer-controlled) 奇妙なジョン See here
Smithy (Computer-controlled) 鍛冶場 See here
Akuma* 悪魔 See here
The Masked Pope* マスクされた教皇 See here
Andrew Star* アンドリュー·スター See here
Combat Android β** アンドリュー·スター See here
Combat Android Δ** アンドリュー·スター See here
  •  * Hidden Characters
  •  ** Original Characters


  • John's House
  • Robotropolis
  • Flower Garden
  • The Beach
  • Ancient Temple
  • Kame House
  • Hectare City
  • The Sewers
  • Ayutthaya Temple
  • Smithy's Lab (It turns completly red, when fighting Akuma)
  • Unknown World
  • Training Room

Soundtrack (Stages)Edit




EX Combat Up-GradeEdit

EX Combat Up-Grade, is an upgraded version of The Original EX Combat released in Mid-2014. In this version, all the hidden characters are available by default, as well as Bizzaro John and Smithy, who were exclusively computer-controlled characters in the original game. And also adds three new characters and two Stages.

Character Japanese Translation Official Page
Lydia Prower リディアプラウアー See here
Forbid Feast 禁断の饗宴 See here
Dark Cosmo 暗いコスモ See here


  • Central Room
  • Elevator of Madness

EX Combat Up-Grade Mk. 2Edit

EX Combat Up-Grade Mk. 2, is the last upgraded version of EX Combat released at Autumm 2014. All the characters from EX Up-Grade are featured, along with two characters and one stage introduced to this version: Thiê Bị Nâng, a vietnamese human who specialize martial arts, and Shin Kamiya from Tekken: Blood Vengeance. "Training Mode", "Survival Mode", "Tournament Mode", and "Time Attack Mode" where also added, in addition to Animated Endings, rather then text-only epilouges.

Character Japanese Translation Official Page
Thiê Bị Nâng ファンティエットBIナン See here
Shin Kamiya すね神谷 See here


  • Kyoto Castle



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