Edd (Double D) is Smart,Whip and overreacting character from Ed,Edd'n'Eddy.

Age: 14 (Original),18 (High School)
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Student
Abilities: Discovering
Relatives: unnamed Parents
First Appearance: The Ed-Touchables



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High SchoolEdit


As 18 year old Edd

Edd traded his black hat for a small, green one ever since the cuts at the back of his head grew back.

When he attends school, he wears his old man's shirt and tie from when he visited high school himself, but since Edd is now the smallest of the three Eds, it looks oversized at times. On regular days Edd seems satisfied with a red turtleneck t-shirt.

His personality didn't change much, though he no longer has much problems with scamming people anymore, and has an open mind for his friends and their "silly" jokes and behaviour. Nevertheless, he's still not a fan of matters like lying and rejection.

Though not really mentioned, Edd is seriously in love with Nazz and usually helps her out with various things on the background.


  • Ultimate war Brawl (as 14 year old Edd)
  • Eddsworld/Ed,Edd ' N' Eddy HighSchool in Interverse (as 18 year old Edd)