The Embracing Daybreak Project is an differred universe Japanese-American/Canadian crossover franchise part of the NaruIchi97 X-Over Fanon Series Franchise next to My Little Pony Chronicles, Harmony Unleashed and Shojo Kamen Rider. It's a crossover series consisting of two of NI97's favorite shows per franchise that with American and Canadian animation, it gets mixed with Japanese animation, as well as including anime.


Back in 2011, Atomic Betty X Total Drama was Aaron's first fanon story by the way Namco published the GBA Atomic Betty Game, and the likess of voice acting a bit similar to some one from either AB or TD. He decided to make the series "animesque" with a 2-season series, a few films, a spin-off, a sequel mini-series/series and a reboot anime, along with 2 crossover events. After the success of Atomic Pony X Total Transfordramers, Montalvo decided to spin-off the crossover with the partnership of Takara Tomy and Hasbro in 2012 before Bushiroad's MLP re-acquiring leading to a second incarnation. Thus with Grojband X Littlest Pet Shop: Rocking Petters!, It has been confirmed that the dual-series crossover franchise is now the Embracing Daybreak Project, making it a bit similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with different continuity per incarnation.

Series & FilmsEdit

Phase 1 SeriesEdit

Phase 1 FilmsEdit

Atomic Betty X Total DramaEdit

  • Barrett-McLean Judgement 3D
  • Retelling the Story In Anime
  • Ultimate: Final Stage

My Little Pony X TransformersEdit

  • Untitled MLPXTF Film

Grojband X LPSEdit

  • Untitled GBXLPS Film

NOTE: When GBXLPS ends, it marks the end of Phase 1. And No, Amazing Adventure! does not count for Phase 1. Sorry.

Phase 2 SeriesEdit

Phase 2 FilmsEdit

  • Blue Exorcist & D.Gray-man - Time Traveling Exorcists
  • Possible/Potential Mighty 7 x Big Hero 6 crossover film

NOTE: Phase 2 will come in the future.




  • ABXTD Reality Restart Redemption 3D
  • ABXTD Movie Wars Cross ft. TD Sujira and ABII
  • MLPXTF Movie Wars Hexagon ft. Cardfight Vanguard and Duel Masters

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