This Prequel is The Final Five Nights at Eddy's Game in The Series


You have to Check The Doors to Make The Nightmare Edmatronics don't come in snd Check the Closet to make sure Nightmare Kevin Doesn't Come in and Check The Bed to Flash You're light at The Eddy Minions

The NightmaresEdit

  • Nightmare Eddy
  • Nightmare Edd
  • Nightmare Ed
  • Nightmare Kevin
  • Nightmare EddySkipper
  • PlushEddTrap
  • Nightmare/Shadow EddySkiper
  • Nightmare Jawbreaker
  • Eddy Minions

The Characters in The Mini GamesEdit

  • The Crying Kid
  • The Bullies (Villains)
  • EddySkipper
  • EddTrap
  • The Kids


  • Night 1
  • Night 2
  • Night 3
  • Night 4
  • Night 5
  • Night 6
  • Nightmare/Night 7

Playing with PlushEddTrapEdit

It a Game where you have to Make Sure PlushEddTrap is on The X

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