Five Nights at Jiggly's 2 is a Prequel to Five Nights at Jiggly's and a Parody Game of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and is made by Stocking Rose


Lucario (Nightguard)

Toy Jigglypuff

Toy Pikachu

Toy Mudkip

Toy Snivy/Snivgle

Jigglypuff V.1

Pikachu V.1/Faceless Pikachu

Mudkip V.1

Snivy V.1

Duskull (The Puppet)

Aipom (Balloon Boy while holding a Drifloon since he's a Balloon Pokemon)

Golden Jigglypuff


Shadow Jigglypuff

Shadow Pikachu

Exoskeleton (Shaped like a Jigglypuff)

Igglybuff (Balloon Girl/Hallusination)

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