Frollo's revenge is a series created by UT00poOp95.


Frollo is trying to escape from prison along with Mario, Luigi, and DukeOnkled after he found Ganon, However they have to take care of the prison guards first. Frollo with Mario, Luigi, DukeOnkled and Ganon have maneged to escape from prison, now he have to prepare to attack The King using an army of clones. Thanks to Gwonam who took the Cloning machine they defeated the other clones, but Frollo destroys it and confined everyone expect for the King which now will be the last battle with Frollo!


When Frollo find him and kill.He look down and didn't found him Because The king sneak and push frollo to the grounds of lava or Flame. So, The King and his Friends were save and give Duke Onkled,Mario and Gay Luigi were given mercy. Finally They were happily.

Alternate EndingEdit

What if Frollo Wins, When Frollo look down didn't found him because The king sneak and push Frollo. But,Frollo knows The King's sneaks. And then he attacks the King. The King has injury on his chest and give frollo for his mercy. But He didn't want him give mercy and finally Frollo kill the King. Later, Zelda saw her father arrvied. But he hold The king's head. Zelda,Link,Gwonam,Impa,Fari & Morshu were Shocked and Horrified. First Gwanon was killed by Ganon when he was escape from Pit book. Second Fari and Morshu were kill by Duke Onkled. Third Link and Impa were shot by Mario and Gay Luigi. Finally, Zelda is getting rape by Frollo and his crew and took over Hyrule and Paris.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Gwonam
  • Morshu
  • Fari
  • Impa

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