Grojband X Littlest Pet Shop: Rocking Petters!

Created by:

Fresh TV
Allison Katzman
Julie McNally-Cahill
Timothy Cahill
Mark Thornton
Todd Kaufman

Developed by:

Aaron Montalvo
Namco Bandai
Takara Tomy

Story by:

Aaron Montalvo


Science Fiction/Fantasy
Surreal Humor


Fresh TV
Titmouse Vancouver
Neptoon Studios
TMS Entertainment
Bandai Visual
Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Sotsu Agency
Hasbro Studios
Takara Tomy
Embracing Daybreak Project

Distributed by:

Viz Media (licensor)
NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97 Entertainment Studios Inc.
Marvista Entertainment

Japanese Voice Cast:

Jun Fukuyama
Saori Hayami
Junko Takeuchi
Yuki Kaji
Wataru Hatano
Mie Sonozaki
Etsuko Kozakura
Mariya Ise
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Hiroshi Kamiya

English Voice Cast:

Lyon Smith
Ashleigh Ball
Bryn McAuley
Samuel Vincent
Sergio Di Zio
Tim Beresford
Nicole Oliver
Alyson Court
Shannon Chan-Kent
Michael Kopsa

Grojband X Littlest Pet Shop: Rocking Petters! (グロジバンド クロス リトレストペットショップ : ロックペッター Gurojibando Kurosu Ritoresutopettoshoppu: Rokkupettā) is a Japanese-American/Canadian animated series produced by Hasbro Studios, Fresh TV, TMS Entertainment, Titmouse and NI97/AR97 Studioworks. It is the third main series from the NaruIchi97 X-Over Fanon Series Franchise to make a 2-way cartoon crossover, the first being Atomic Betty X Total Drama and the second being My Little Pony X Transformers. The series is rated TV-PG/TV-14.

About the ShowEdit

Like Atomic Betty X Total Drama, it will go back to the Japanese dub factor with American/Canadian animation produced by Titmouse Vancouver and TMS Entertainment. The announcement of the series was after the announcement trailer of Embracing Daybreak on SDCC 2013. The trailer was released by Bandai, Hasbro and Teletoon


Since a letter came from downtown, as they read by Corey and the gang, they aren't unfamiliar with Littlest Pet Shop except Laney, Mina and Trina. As they are going traveling to a place where is near the Littlest Pet Shop to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the shop by making a concert collaborating with Josh's band. While Trina stands on their way, the Band are a bit nervous for not making lyrics of their own, which Josh's band helped them. After Trina sabotages the stage along with the Bizkit twins, Corey and the band get themselves in an accident, leading them to be taken care of (and meeting for the first time) by Blythe Baxter, and suddenly the pets, which not only Blythe, but the Grojband got the ability to hear the animals talk. As they team-up, they have to take down Trina and the Bizkit twins in kinda a surreal way until ir's too late to save the Littlest Pet Shop.


Grojband UniverseEdit

  • Corey Riffin (CV: Jun Fukuyama, Lyon Smith [English])
    • Carrie Beff (CV: Haruka Tomatsu)
  • Laney Penn (CV: Junko Takeuchi, Bryn McAuley [English])
    • Larry Nepp (CV: Tsubasa Yonaga)
  • Kin Kujira (CV: Yuki Kaji, Sergio Di Zio [English])
    • Kim Kagami (CV: Mikako Komatsu)
  • Kon Kujira (CV: Wataru Hatano, Tim Beresford [English])
    • Konnie Kagami (CV: Romi Park)
  • Trina Riffin (CV: Etzuko Kozakura, Alyson Court [English])
  • Mina Beff (CV: Kaori Ishihara, Denise Oliver [English])
  • Nick Mallory (CV: Yuichi Nakamura, Graeme Cornies [English])
  • Mayor Mellow (CV: Hiroki Tochi, Kedar Brown [English])
  • Buzz Newsworthy (CV: Hiroshi Shirokuma, Dwayne Hill [English])
  • Chance Happening (CV: Aki Kanada, Julie Lemieux [English])
  • Allie & Kate (The Groupies) (CV: Ai Nonaka, Alyson Court)

NOTE: The Newman's English VA has the same as the Protagonists.

LPS UniverseEdit

  • Blythe Baxter (CV: Saori Hayami, Ashleigh Ball [English])
  • Roger Baxter (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa, Michael Kopsa [English])
  • Anna Twombly (CV: Masako Katsuki, Kathleen Barr [English])
  • Youngmee Song (CV: Kaori, Shannon Chan-Kent [English])
  • Sue Patterson (CV: Yuko Goto, Kira Tozer [English])
  • Jasper Jones (CV: Rica Matsumoto, Kathleen Barr [English])
  • Josh Sharp (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya, Samuel Vincent [English])
  • Whittany & Brittany Bizkit (CV: Mariya Ise, Shannon Chan-Kent [English])
  • Fisher Bizkit (CV: Taketora, Samuel Vincent [English])
  • Christie Song (CV: Chizu Yonemoto, Kira Tozer [English])
  • Russell Ferguson (CV: Yuki Kaji, Samuel Vincent [English])
  • Zoe Trent (CV: Mie Sonozaki, Nicole Oliver [English])
  • Pepper Clark (CV: Junko Takeuchi, Tabitha St. Germain [English])
  • Penny Ling (CV: Nana Mizuki, Jocelyne Loewen [English])
  • Minka Mark (CV: Aya Hirano, Kira Tozer [English])
  • Sunil Nevla (CV: Hiroaki Hirata, Peter New [English])
  • Vinnie Terrio (CV: Tomohiro Nishimura, Kyle Rideout [English])
  • Digby (CV: Takehito Koyasu, Peter New [English])
  • Buttercream Sundae (CV: Suzuko Mimori, Cathy Weseluck [English])
  • Sugar Sprinkles (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi, Kelly Metzger [English])
  • Gail Trent (CV: Yuko Sanpei, Tabitha St. Germain [English])
  • Olive Shellstein (CV: Mikako Komatsu, Kira Tozer [English])
  • Madame Pom (CV: Rie Tanaka, Kathleen Barr [English])
  • Shahruhk (CV: Fumihiko Tachiki, Brian Drummond [English])


Main article: Grojband X Littlest Pet Shop: Rocking Petters!/Episodes

The episodes of the series is at a total of 26 per only one season, making the first 2-way crossover series to air twice of 13 episodes per 1 season instead of 2. The series will air on MBS and TBS in October 5, 2013 at 8:00pm, making also the first of the 2-way crossover series to be airing in another network rather than just TV Tokyo (next to Harmony Unleashed: Human Ponidox Continuum Shift) and later on AT-X, TV Tokyo, CN Japan and Animax. NI97 and Viz Media licensed the series and it will simulcast on Hulu, Crunchyroll and YouTube the same time as Japan. Later in December 2013, it will air on AtomicRanger97 Networks' Toonami, NaruIchi97 Anitoku and Neon Alley and also in The Hub and Adult Swim in 2014.


  • United States - NaruIchi97 Anitoku (Japanese Dub), AtomicRanger97 Network (Toonami, Rising Sun Edit/Uncut at Sat. Night), The Hub (Edited), Adult Swim (Uncut, Toonami), Neon Alley
  • Canada - Teletoon, YTV (Edited), Neon Alley (Uncut)
  • Japan - MBS, Animax, TBS (not the American one), AT-X, TV Tokyo, Cartoon Network Japan
  • Asia - Animax, Toonami, GMA Channel (Phillipines)
  • Australia - ABC3, C31 Melbourne


  • Composed by: Audio Highs, Michael Tavera
  • Music Work: Aniplex, Lantis

Opening ThemesEdit

Ending ThemesEdit


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