Harmony Unleashed: Uprising

Created by:

Aaron Montalvo (HU)
Lauren Faust (MLP Chars)

Developed by:

Aaron Montalvo
Man of Action (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle, Joe Casey)
Lauren Faust


Animated Action Comedy


Titmouse Inc.
Man of Action Studios
Hasbro Studios
The Pony Network
AtomicRanger97 Network
Aaron Montalvo Animation Studios


NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97 Entertainment Studios Inc.
FremantleMedia Enterprises (International)


Aaron Montalvo as Aaron
Adonis Ortiz as Adonis
Kari Wahlgren as Cristina
Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle
Kate Higgins as AppleJack
Erin Fitzgerald as Rainbow Dash
Stephanie Sheh as Pinkie Pie
Cristina Valenzuela as Rarity
Hynden Walch as Fluttershy
Maile Flanagan as Spike
Colleen Clinkenbeard as Princess Celestia
Carrie Keranen as Princess Luna

Story by:

Aaron Montalvo

Harmony Unleashed: Uprising is an American TV animated series based on the Franchise Harmony Unleashed and the My Little Pony Franchise by Hasbro produced by Madhouse, Titmouse, Man of Action Studios, Hasbro Studios, Aaron Montalvo Animation Studios, The Pony Network and AtomicRanger97 Network under distribution by NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97 Entertainment Studios Inc. and FremantleMedia Enterprises. It will be developed by Man of Action, Lauren Faust and Aaron Montalvo. And it will be rated TV-PG and TV-14. This is the first animated series to both be rated less than a mature audience only and more than a younger one, and also the second animated series not involving the YouTube Poop universe. In November 19, it premiered the 5-parter event part of Toonami on AtomicRanger97 Network in the Thanksgiving Week, when the new episodes after the 5-parter releases in January 2013.

About the ShowEdit

An animated series for Harmony Unleashed: Uprising has been planned and announced for 2013 and it will be a AtomicRanger97 Original Series as well as a Pony Network Original Series and it will be developed by Man of Action, Lauren Faust and Aaron Montalvo. And it will be rated TV-PG and TV-14. This is the first animated series to both be rated less than a mature audience only and more than a younger one, and also the second animated series not involving the YouTube Poop universe. The animation will have a mixture art and color design of Generator Rex as character designs by Jose Lopez and adding Black Dynamite/The Boondocks-like shading as Madhouse animates with the art color design by Satoshi Hashimoto and LeSean Thomas. The series is animated by Titmouse, Sunmin Image Pictures Co., Ltd. and Japanese Animation Studio Madhouse and produced by The Pony Network, AtomicRanger97 Network, Hasbro Studios and DHX Media. It confirms that on November 19th, 2012, it premieres the 5-part pilot event named "Beginning of Magic" along with Ultimate Atomic Betty X Total Drama on AR97N as a Toonami Special Block exclusive "Toonami Thanksgiving Extravaganza". Only in this series some of the MLP: FiM Cast gets replaced by others that are american VA's, except for Aaron Montalvo, Adonis Ortiz, Tara Strong and John DeLancie, which it reprises Twilight, Aaron, Adonis and Discord.


After a way of meeting with the ponies, a jurassic quarreling between dislikers and lovers of My Little Pony in both the fanbase and the show, and a dark energy familiar with the villains they faced before, Aaron and Twilight team up with 2 of his family members, his cousin Adonis and his step-niece, Christina and some of his friends who like MLP and others who are best with him as well as 5 of the Mane Six to start a resistance of Equestria to save mankind and ponykind, and to keep the hate away from a show they love for the sake of love between a boy and a girl without changing anyone's opinions.


Characters of both the MLP Series and the Uprising Series

Main Characters/Mane SixEdit

Characters English VA Japanese VA Spanish VA
Aaron Aaron Montalvo Tetsuya Kakihara Arturo Castaneda
Adonis Adonis Ortiz Romi Park Jose Antonio Toledano
Cristina Kari Wahlgren Ayana Taketatsu Melissa Gedeon
Ivanna Tara Strong Yuki Matsuoka Maggie Vera
Twilight Sparkle Tara Strong Fumiko Orikasa Carla Castaneda
Applejack Kate Higgins Megumi Toyoguchi Claudia Motta
Rainbow Dash Erin Fitzgerald Yukari Kokubun Karina Altamirano
Pinkie Pie Stephanie Sheh Sayuri Yahagi Elsa Covian
Rarity Cristina Vee Aya Hirano Cristina Hernandez
Fluttershy Hynden Walch Chiwa Saito Leyla Rangel
Spike Maile Flanagan Megumi Ogata Cecilia Gomez


Characters English VA Japanese VA Spanish VA
Princess Celestia Colleen Clinkenbeard Sayaka Ohara Rebeca Patino
Princess Luna Carrie Keranen Eri Kitamura Irene Jimenez
Princess Cadance Christine Marie Cabanos Ayumi Fujimura Romina Marroquín Payró

Cutie Mark CrusadersEdit

Characters English VA Japanese VA Spanish VA
Apple Bloom Ariel Winter Satomi Satou Susana Moreno
Sweetie Belle Laura Bailey Nana Mizuki Christine Byrd
Scootaloo Wendee Lee Junko Takeuchi Roxana Pastrana
Babs Seed Luci Christian Yumiko Kobayashi

Major CharactersEdit

Characters English VA Japanese VA Spanish VA
Big Macintosh Travis Willingham Takehito Koyasu Hector Moreno
Granny Smith Maile Flanagan Motoko Kumai Marina Huerta
Shining Armor Steve Blum Nobuo Tobita Jose Antonio Macias


Characters English VA Japanese VA Spanish VA
Discord John DeLancie Norio Wakamoto Enrique Cervantes
Khan Sam Worthington Hiroshi Iwasaki Humberto Solorzano

Supporting CharactersEdit

Characters English VA Japanese VA Spanish VA
Derpy Hooves Grey DeLisle Misuzu Togashi Leyla Rangel
Cheerilee Sumalee Montano Aya Hisakawa Rosalba Sotelo
Mayor Mare Kari Wahlgren Yuriko Yamaguchi Alma Delia Perez
Braeburn Cam Clarke Satoshi Hino Benjamin Rivera
Little Strongheart Erika Fong Megumi Hayashibara Monserrat Mendoza

More to come TBA


Main article: Harmony Unleashed: Uprising/Episodes

The 5-parter aired from November 19 to November 23 on AtomicRanger97's Toonami. The series will return with new episodes in January 5th, 2013 on Saturday Nights with Harmony Unleashed: Human Ponidox Continuum Shift at 9pm. There will be 2 seasons and a total of 26 episodes per season. Later, they have planned and announced a third season but no total of season 3 episodes has been confirmed yet since the season 3 of MLP: FiM will be possibly the final due to 13 episodes.

International ReleaseEdit

The series will be released worldwide around 2013 by FremantleMedia. The 5-part pilot airs, along with the series in Latinamerica from December 31, 2012 to January 4, 2013 on NaruIchi97MAX and The Pony Network and in Japan in Spring 2013 on Toei Channel, TV Asahi and Animax. As of January 2013, since TV Tokyo, Dreams Come True and Bushiroad re-licensed the My Little Pony franchise from Takara Tomy for a japanese release for the Friendship Is Magic Series, Takara Tomy and Bushiroad team up to license the Harmony Unleashed series by releasing Uprising on TV Asahi, Animax, Cartoon Network and Toei Channel in Spring of 2013.


  • United States - AtomicRanger97 Network [Toonami], The Pony Network, Spike TV
  • Canada - NI97 Jetstream, Teletoon, G4
  • Latin America - NaruIchi97MAX, Boomerang, Cartoon Network
  • Asia - Toonami, Animax
  • Japan - TV Asahi, Animax, Toei Channel, Cartoon Network
  • Europe - Cartoon Network/Adult Swim (UK/Ireland), MTV (Some European Countries), 2x2 (Russia), Disney XD (Spain)
  • Africa - NaruIchi97 Television, Animax
  • Australia - ABC3, NaruIchi97 Television


The music is composed by Steve Jablonsky from the Battleship Movie and Brian Tyler from The Expendables 2 and Dragonball: Evolution, with a score and arrangement made by Kevin Manthei from Generator Rex and the MLP: FiM original music composer, William Anderson. The opening theme is Castle of Glass by Linkin Park

Opening ThemesEdit

Ending ThemesEdit


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