Heaven's World


The John Studios
SNK Playmore
Rocksteady Studios




M for Mature


Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo 3DS

Release Date

JP April 30, 2015
NA May 10, 2015
EU May 12, 2015



Heaven's World, also knows as Sky's World 2: World Heroes in Japan. Is a fighting game developed by The John Studios and SNK, with again the help of Rocksteady Studios. It is a sequel to Sky's World.


Is been nearly two years after the events of Sky's World. September 22, 2017, Osaka, Japan. Akuma battles the mysterious foe who's more powerful than him. Akuma was eventually defeated, and the mysterious foe unleashes his power with one strike chop that destroys every city of Japan. Back to New York City, John saw the news, he calls his friends. John and his friends must save Japan from the mysterious foe before he destroyes everything.


  • Arcade
  • Story Mode
  • VS.
  • Online
  • Training Mode
  • Multiplayer
  • Puzzle Mode
  • Options
  • Extras


Same as SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos.


Characters EXCEED Description
John Lvl. 1 - Jab Finisher
Lvl. 1 - Final Nerd
Lvl. 3 - Nova Strike
Jab Finisher: John procceds to punch the opponent, if success, he makes 14 fast jabs before ending with a overhead punch
Final Nerd: John short hops, if success he procceds to make punch and kick combos finishing off with a Dash Punch at light speed
Nova Strike: John equips with the Ultimate Armor, jumps and peforms an invincible flying tackle
Robo Lvl. 1 - Big Rocket Fist
Lvl. 1 - Robotic Combo
Lvl. 3 - Ultimate Robo
Big Rocket Fists: Robo launches a bigger rocket fist, then follows with a another one
Robotic Combo: Robo short hops to his opponent, if caught, he perfoms a punch-kick combo, ending with a jumping uppercut
Ultimate Robo: Robo transforms into Ultimate Robo, then procceds to stomp 4 times, before finishing off with a powerful kick.
Ryu Lvl. 1 - Shinkuu Hadouken
Lvl. 1 - Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
Lvl. 3 - Shin Shoryuken
Shinkuu Hadouken: Ryu charges up and fires a large hadoken that hits multiple times.
Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: Ryu peforms a long last Hurricane Kick that stays still and has a vaccum effect, which hits multiple times
Shin Shoryuken: Ryu peforms an elbow, if success, he then follows with a right uppercut, ending with a powerful Shoryuken. If missed, he peforms a multi-hitting Shoryuken instead.
Ken Masters Lvl. 1 - Shoryueppa
Lvl. 1 - Shinryuken
Lvl. 3 - Shippu Jinraikyaku
Shoryueppa: Ken peforms a two hit Shoryuken, then peforms another one that hits 4 times and burns the opponent.
Shinryuken: Ken peforms a powerful Shoryuken that creates a spiral of flames with vaccum effect
Shippu Jinraikyaku: Ken peforms a low roundhouse kick, two high ones, and another low one, and follows up with a knee hit. He then launches into a vertical electric Tatsumaki Senpukyaku if his knee hit succeeds.
Steven Star Lvl. 1 - Sword Charge
Lvl. 1 - Super Slash Wave
Lvl. 1 - Omega Slash Combo
Lvl. 3 - Hell Bash

Sword Charge: Steven charges his sword, then swings in a spiral circle, which hits multiple times.
Super Slash Wave: As the name implies, he peforms a slow, but large and powerful slash wave that hits multiple times
Omega Slash Combo: Steven peforms a barrage of sword slashes ending with three ways:

Light Punch - A long ranged stab
Medium Punch - A vertical spinning slash
Heavy Punch - A jumping slash

Hell Bash: Steven begins with a overhead slash, if connects, the screen goes black, then procceds to peform some brutal slash combos, ending with a blue landing slash.

Pegasus Seiya Lvl. 1 - Meteor Mash
Lvl. 3 - Cosmic Star Arrow

Meteor Mash: Seiya peforms a two-hit elbow, then 3 roundhouse kicks, ending with a multi-hitting uppercut.
Cosmic Star Arrow: Seiya equips with the Sagittarius cloths, takes out the Bow of  Sagittarius, then releases the arrow with great force.

Cosmo the Seedrian Lvl. 1 - Cosmo Combo
Lvl. 1 - Fake Tears
Lvl. 3 - Tornado Rose
Cosmo Combo: Cosmo peforms a spinning kick, a back punch, a jumping kick, then jabs with her foots, ending with a hammer fist
Fake Tears: Cosmo lies on the ground and begins a fake cry, which makes her invincible
Tornado Rose: Cosmo runs in place, trying to grab, if success, she then spirals upwards surrounded in a tornado of roses before throwing the opponent with huge force.
Goku Lvl. 1 - Super Kamehameha
Lvl. 1 - Dragon Rush
Lvl. 3 - Spirit Bomb
Super Kamehameha:As the name implies, he charges up a Kamehameha, before firing a massive one
Dragon Rush: Goku charges up and rushes forwards with a mighty punch, if success, he follows with a blindingly fast series of attacks, ending with a Blast Fist attack.
Spirit Bomb: Goku raise his arms and gathers energy from people, he then throws a small, but devastating ball of energy at the opponent.
Chun-Li Lvl. 1 - Kikosho
Lvl. 1 - Houyoku Sen
Lvl. 3 - Hasan Tenshokyaku
Kikosho: Chun-Li rears back and slightly thrusts forward her palms. Creating a large, multi-hitting ball of ki with vaccum effect
Houyoku Sen: hum-Li peforms her Lightning Kick, followed with another one, then ends with a Tenkukyaku.
Hasan Tenshokyaku: Chun-Li launches a series of Tenshokyakus in rapid succession, the last hit brings the opponent down to the ground with a overhead kick.
Venis Lvl. 1 - Gaia
Lvl. 1 - Apollo
Lvl. 3 - Chaos
Gaia: Venis peforms a multi-hitting stab with the image of Gaia at the opponent
Apollo: Venis peforms a long range stab, if this connects, he does a few slashes finishing off with a powerful down thrust with the image of Apollo
Chaos: Venis turns back, gathering dark energy with the image of Chaos, then peforms two powerful strikes at the opponent.
Xerneas Lvl. 1 - Geomancy
Lvl. 1 - Moon Blast
Lvl. 3 - Outrage
Geomancy: Xerneas summons a misterious symbol under it, then absorbs energy, which increases attack, speed, and makes combos more easy.
Moon Blast: Xerneas begins to gather energy from its body, then fires a massive ball of light while an image of a moon shows up upon hitting the opponent
Outrage: Xerneas begins to gather energy of hatred, then unleashes a large 5 hit blue wave at the opponent.
Jerry Di Ibuki Lvl. 1 - Shinku Gamehameha
Lvl. 1 - GGCF
Lvl. 3 - Weak Sacrafice
Shinku Gamehameha: Jerry charges up a full-powered version of his original Gamehameha and tries to blast it at his opponent; after performing the attack, Jerry is shown flying backwards, insinuating that the force of the attack itself was too much for him to handle.
GGCF: Jerry peforms a series of punches and kicks, finishing off with a two-hit Gameryuken
Weak Sacrafice: A parody of Dan's Otoko Michi. Jerry peforms a Ashura Senkuu-like pose move, he grabs the opponent's body, and explodes. It also reduces his heath down to 1%.
Staryu Lvl. 1 - Dive
Lvl. 1 - Psychic
Lvl. 3 - Hydro Pump
Dive: Staryu jumps high and then dives into the opponent, peforming a multi-hitting head attack
Psychic: Staryu releases a wave of psychic energy, which deals multiple hits
Hydro Pump: Staryu fires a large and powerful jet of water from its jewel eye at the opponent.
Spongebob Lvl. 1 - Bubble Bash
Lvl. 1 - Karate Combo
Lvl. 1 - Tornado Spin
Lvl. 3 - Ultimate Chop
Bubble Bash: Spongebob releases a barrage of bubbles from his bubble bottle
Karate Combo: Spongebob equips some gloves and peforms a barrage of Karate combos, ending with a rushing kick
Tornado Spin: Spongebob stretches his body, then becomes a tornado. It is pretty much the same as Ryu's Shinku Tatsumaki
Ultimate Chop: Spongebob rises his left arm, then chops down the opponent with great force.
Mario Lvl. 1 - Super Fireball
Lvl. 1 - Hammer Bash
Lvl. 3 - Mario Finale
Super Fireball: Mario releases a slow, but larger fireball that deal multiple hits
Hammer Bash: Mario equips with his hammer and slams into the ground several times while the hammer theme from the original Donkey Kong plays
Mario Finale: Mario unleashes two massive fireballs that drags the opponent sideways.
Heihachi Mishima Lvl. 1 - Lighting Hammer
Lvl. 1 - Rajin's Wrath
Lvl. 1 - Hell Sweep Thundergod Fist
Lvl. 3 - 10 Hit Combo
Lighting Hammer: Heihachi becomes covered in electricity as he winds up and performs a massive Hammer Fist and Stomp Kick combination.
Rajin's Wrath: Heihachi peforms a rushing elbow, then an upwards elbow, an uppercut, then punches the opponent upwards with electricity.
Hell Sweep Thundergod Fist: Heihachi peforms a Electric Wind God Fist, followed with a Demon Uppercut, then a Hammer Fist, Lightning Hammer, then finishing of with a Spinning Demon Uppercut.
10 Hit Combo: Heihachi peforms a left right combo, Demon Slayer, a roundhosue kick, Tsunami Kick, a crouching, Wind God Fist, then finishes off with a Lighting Hammer.
Static Lvl. 1 - Shock Teraphy
Lvl. 1 - Extreme Lighting
Lvl. 3 - Thunder Blow
Shock Teraphy: Static peforms an electric punch, followed with a another one, then grabs the opponent in the head and shocks them.
Extreme Lighting: Static dissapears, then reappears with a powerful overhead electric fist in a blink of a eye.
Thunder Blow: Static creates an electric orb that surrounds him, which also has vaccuum effect.
Lvl. 3 - X-BUSTER
DRAGON TOOTH: KOS-MOS transforms her left hand into a large, saber that slashes 4 times, before she finishes off with a strong slash
RISING PUNCH: As the name says, she peforms a multi-hitting rising punch
X-BUSTER: KOS-MOS' chest opens, reveals a small cannon, then charges up before firing a large blue laser.
Mecha John Lvl. 1 - Rapid Fire Missile
Lvl. 1 - Robotic Finisher
Lvl. 3 - Blaster Laser
Rapid Fire Missile: Mecha John fires 15 fast missiles from his chest, and mouth
Robotic FInisher: Mecha John stomps with one foot, if success, he then proceeds with a punch and kick combo before finishing off with a two-hit flip-kick
Blaster Laser: Mecha John transforms his left hand into a cannon that fires a powerful laser.
Zero Lvl. 1 - Rekkoha
Lvl. 1 - Sougenmu
Lvl. 3 - Dark Hold
Rekkoha: Zero punches into the ground, then beams of light appears from the sky, hitting the opponent.
Sougenmu: Zero produces an afterimage of him that doubles the dealing of his special moves.
Dark Hold: Zero stops time with Dark Hold, then he brings his Z-Saber and slashes several times before he finishes with a Genmu Zero.
Lip Lvl. 1 - Flower Power
Lvl. 1 - Garbage Block
Lvl. 3 - Panel De Pon
Flower Power: Lip waves her stick foward, which throws small sparkles. If hit, the opponent's heath will be drained slowly
Garbage Block: Lip summons a Garbage Block who crushes into the opponent
Panel De Pon: Lip peforms a stick combo attack, then proceeds to do a spinning stick jump attack, then finishes of with a larger Garbage Block
Mega Man Lvl. 1 - Rush Drill
Lvl. 1 - Beat Plane
Lvl. 1 - Arsenal Storm
Lvl. 3 - Hyper Mega Man
Rush Drill: Mega Man summons Rush and two of them combine into a drill while Mega Man drives him. By pressing any attack will cause to boost forward, dealing damage. It can also jump and immuned to any attack
Beat Plane: Mega Man summons Beat and two of them combine into a plane while Mega Man drives him. He can navigate Beat anywhere and pressing the punch button will cause Beat to shoot energy balls,. and pressing the kick button will drop bombs. But the downside is that he's completly vunerable to attacks
Arsenal Storm: Mega Man summons purple-flame cannons that came from the sky, damaing the opponent
Hyper Mega Man: Mega Man, Rush, Beat, and Eddie merge them together into one. Then proceeds to shoot projectiles and a large beam at the same time.
Fox Lvl. 1 - Fox Combo
Lvl. 1 - Smart Bomb
Lvl. 3 - Landmaster
Fox Combo: Fox dashes to his opponent, if connects, he peforms various attacks, before finishing off with a leaping side kick
Smart Bomb: Fox throws a Smart Bomb, if hits the opponent, it will produce a large, but slow explosion that deals multiple hits
Landmaster: Fox calls his Landmaster, which fires three large shots before dissapearing.
Mokujin Varies Mokujin's combos are varies.
Captain America Lvl. 1 - Hyper Stars and Stripes
Lvl. 1 - Hyper Charging Star
Lvl. 3 - Final Justice

Hyper Stars and Stripes: Captain America peforms 3 Stars and Stripes of increasing size and power using their shield.
Hyper Charging Star: Captain America charges full speed at their opponent with their shield, barraging the enemy with hits.
Final Justice: Cap dash at his opponent, stunning them and leaving them open to Cap's flurry of punches and kicks. He then throw his opponent in the air and finish the move with an explosive piledriving backdrop.

Zangief Lvl. 1 - Arieal Russian Slam
Lvl. 1 - Final Atomic Buster
Lvl. 3 - Ultimate Atomic Buster
Arieal Russian Slam: Zangief jumps. If the opponent is in the air, he will grab them and throws them into the ground.
Final Atomic Buster: Zangief runs with arms out, if the grab success. He peforms two Atomic Suplexes, and finishes off with a Spinning Piledriver
Ultimate Atomic Buster: Zangief tries to grab the opponent. If success, he peforms a Powerbomb, then, a suplex, following with a jumping suplex, he then breaks the opponent's back with his knee, throws them upwards, he jumps, grabs them and finally finishes with a powerful Spinning Piledriver


Characters EXCEED Description How to unlock
Sandvich33 Lvl. 1 - Gentleman, Fire!
Lvl. 1 - Gravity Dasher
Lvl. 3 - Pure Death
Gentleman, Fire!: John takes out his guns, fires 85 bullets, then takes out his Snipe gun, and fires at the opponent.
Gravity Dasher: John takes out his dual katana, peforms several dashing slash attacks before finishing off with a down thrust
Pure Death: John punches into the ground with his right hand, then a green beam erupts from the ground above the opponent. This move is unblockable.
Wario Lvl. 1 - Wario Bike Crash
Lvl. 1 - Explosive Waft
Lvl. 3 - Wario-Man
Wario Bike Crash: Wario rides to his Wario Bike and crashes to his opponent
Explosive Waft: Wario does an explosive poot, dealing huge damage.
Wario takes a bite of a garlic and transforms into Wario-Man. In this state, all of his attacks, speed, and defense all increased. It also slowly regains heath.
Salamence Lvl. 1 - Dragon Pulse
Lvl. 1 -  Double-Edge
Lvl. 3 - Sky Attack
Dragon Pulse: Salamence opens its mouth and fires a multi-hit blue-ish flamethrower at the opponent
Double-Edge: Salamence charges up, then does a powerful dashing tackle that also possess recoil damage
Sky Attack: Salamence first mega evolves, flies backwards, then charges forward, covering half of the screen with a image of a blue dragon.
Metagross Lvl. 1 - Giga Impact
Lvl. 1 - Earthquake
Lvl. 3 - Hyper Beam
Giga Impact: Metagross charges up, then peforms a powerful dashing tackle while covered in white aura.
Earthquake: Metagross jumps, then slams to the ground, creating a large shockwave that hurts the opponent
Metagross first Mega Evolves, then charges up before firing a multi-colored giant beam.
Luigi Lvl. 1 - Super Iceball
Lvl. 1 - Hammer Bash
Lvl. 3 - Poltergust 5000
Super Iceball: Luigi releases a slow, but larger iceball that deals only a single hit, after if hits the opponent, it will be frozen for a period of time.
Hammer Bash: Luigi equips with his hammer and cowardly slams into the ground several times while the hammer theme from the original Donkey Kong plays. It is weaker than Mario's, but slams quicker
Poltegust 5000: Luigi brings his Poltergust 5000 from his back, and sucks the opponent inside of it, then Luigi shoots them out forward with great force.
Scorpion Lvl. 1 - Hellfire Breath
Lvl. 1 - Hand from Hell
Lvl. 3 - Welcome to Netherealm
Sigma Lvl. 1 - Sigma Crusher
Lvl. 1 - Death Scythe Wave
Lvl. 3 - Hydra Blast
Sigma Crusher: Sigma surrounds himself in energy and spins forwards like a torpedo, which deal multiple hits
Death Scythe Wave: Sigma brings his scythe from MMX4 and slams into the ground, creating a larger green wave
Hydra Blast: Sigma transforms into his Hydra Form and then fires a huge green laser blast from his main head before returning back to his normal form
Falco Lvl. 1 - Falco Combo
Lvl. 1 - Smart Bomb
Lvl. 3 - Arwing
Falco Combo: Falco peforms a dash similar to Falco Illusion, if connects, he peforms several wing slashes before ending with a uncharged Fire Bird
Smart Bomb: Falco throws a Smart Bomb, if hits the opponent, it will produce a large, but slow explosion that deals only a single hit
Arwing: Falco calls upon his Arwing, which shoots 20 medium size shots before dissapearing.
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Akuma Lvl. 1 - Messatsu Gohado
Lvl. 1 - Messatsu Goshoryu
Lvl. 1 - Messatsu Gourasen
Lvl. 3 - Shun Goku Satsu
Messatsu Gohado: Akuma fires a bigger, multi-hitting Gohadoken. It has a air version called Tenma Gou Zankuu
Messatsu Goshoryu: Akuma peforms three Goshoryukens
Messatsu Gourasen: Akuma peforms a vertical multi-hitting Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku with vacuum effect, then ends with a spin kick.
Shun Goku Satsu: Akuma glides towards the opponent with Ashura Senkuu and grabs them. Before anything else can be seen, the screen blacks out as the opponent is relentlessly beaten by brutal attacks, as showcased by a series of flashes.
Doirochi Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 3 - 
The Masked Pope Lvl. 1 - Mind Corruptor
Lvl. 1 - Black Shadow Rush
Lvl. 3 - Raging Jesus
Mind Corruptor: The Masked Pope grabs the opponent, if sucees, he quishes the opponent's head multiple times, jumps, and slams into the ground.
Shadow Rush: Pope peforms a rushing punch, if connects, he peforms a series of punches and kicks, ending with a big Shadow Ball
Raging Jesus: Pope teleports using Dark Teleport. If this connect, he grabs the opponent, then the screen goes black, and he performs a series of brutal gory attacks. Then he send the opponent into the pit.
Athena Lvl. 3 - Pegasus Fantasy Pegasus Fantasy: Athena wears her golden armor, summons her Pegasus, then rushes to her opponent.
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 
Shin Akuma style="text-align:center;"Lvl. 1 - Messatsu Gohado
Lvl. 1 - Tenma Gou Zankuu
Lvl. 1 - Messatsu Goshoryu
Lvl. 1 - Shun Goku Satsu
Lvl. 3 - Misogi
Messatsu Gohado: Shin Akuma fires a much larger, multi-hitting Gohadoken. It has a air version called Tenma Gou Zankuu: Shin Akuma shoots many Zankuu Hadoukens out of his hands in mid-air.
Messatsu Goshoryu: Shin Akuma peforms three Goshoryukens.
Shun Goku Satsu: Shin Akuma glides towards the opponent with Ashura Senkuu and grabs them. Before anything else can be seen, the screen blacks out as the opponent is relentlessly beaten by brutal attacks, as showcased by a series of flashes. It is weaker than Akuma's.
Misogi: Shin Akuma teleports above the opponent and charges down at them with a devastating forearm chop. Once Shin Akuma connects with it, he slowly goes into his signature stance in a waving arm motion. The attack also instantly downs the opponent.
Lvl. 1 - 
Lvl. 1 -
Lvl. 3 - 

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