Male Itsuki Minami
Female Kate Ashley
Male Age 17
Female Age 17
Male Voice Nobuhiko Okamoto
Female Voice Vanessa Hudgens
Hugs 1
Kisses (Cheeks & Forehead) 2
Kisses (Lips) 5
Almost Kisses 2
Episode Met Crows and Butterflies
Episode started loving Crows and Butterflies (Before ending credit)

Ikki's Rivals: Hervé Girardot

Kate's Rivals:


Ikka,Itsukate Ashnami & Ikkate

Ikka lo

Kate Ashley and Itsuki Minami

Itsuki Minami and Kate Ashley are the ones of main Couple Aloneside Kazu X Rachel and Agito/Akito X Rose.

When they first met, Ikki and his gang try asking Rose cause her spying by Onigiri when he saw her. Later, Ikki saw the Kate,Claire and Rachel arrived to save. She is yell on them and then, they laughed because they are 5 boys and 4 Girls. Second after Onigiri left. The girls are laughed. So, Kate wants to start the fight then Ikki open Kate's shirt and he shout on onigiri. Now, Kate is angry and she kicking his face. later,