John's Beginning


Volition, Inc.
The John Studios


Third-Person Shooter


M for Mature


Xbox 360

Release Date

November 14, 2013 (US)
November 16, 2013 (Pal regions)


The John Studios

John's Beginning is the third-person shooter created by The John Studios along with Volition Inc. It fetaures John's earliest history of his first adventure.


It takes place in the year 2004, John had reached to Kansas, United States with the airport to begin his new life, however, he was attacked by The King Gang, led by Don "King" Jackoff, but he was saved by a woman named Space Girl, after she introduces herself, she asks John to join the group called The Space Monitors and stop King from taking over Kansas, and he accepted. Space Girl orders John to create a robot named Robotic Operation Bargain Order, aka Robo, after 3 days of hard work, he finally created him, Robo becames friends with John. King announces to the group that he will taking order Kansas by using 5 of his minions with special weapons. And that, John's first adventure begins.

In his bad ending (If you don't have the key of justice and don't complete Side Missions), it shows King beating up John, grabs him and kills him with a knife in the stomach, King is now under control of Kansas and using John's friends as servants.

In his normal ending (If you don't complete Side Missions), John finally beats King, the police arrives arrests him for crime. John and his friends have a cellebration, but King escapes from prison, and he will have revenge on John one day.

In his Best Ending (If you complete side missions and normal missions) John rapidly punches King in the face, but King punches him in the gut, he takes out his gun and wants to kill John, but Space Girl comes and sacrafices herself to save John's life. John, takes out his buster and shoots King in the head, killing him for good. Following Space Girl's funeral, John becomes the new leader of The Space Monitors.



The Space MonitorsEdit

  • John (20 Years old)
  • Robo (3 days old)
  • Space Girl (23 Years old) (Founder of The Space Monitors)
  • Yoshi Irvin (34 Years old) (Kenji's father's brother)
  • Laura Giana (18 years old) (John's childhood friend)
  • Astro Boy
  • Disco Stu
  • Lady Gaga (Based on the real Lady Gaga)
  • Barbapapa
  • Barbibul (NPC)
  • Dr. Fingold (NPC)
  • Zombie Girl (Space Girl's Zombie version) (After completing the game in the Best Ending)

The King GangEdit

  • Don "King" Jackoff (Main Antagonist) (45 Years old)
  • Jack "Missile Bag" Haydun
  • Vanessa Hilma
  • King Hippo
  • Brute Jackoff (Don's younger brother)
  • Ken Yushikama


  • Fat Man Shopkeeper
  • Barbamama
  • Barbabelle
  • Dr. Light
  • Space Boy (26 years old) (Space Girl's brother)
  • Francesco Giana (42 Years old) (Laura's father)
  • Kenji Irvin (10 Years old) (Yoshi's brother's son)


Normal MissionsEdit


Side MissionsEdit





  • This is the first third-person shooter that The John Studios ever created.

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