John: Save the Earth!

Devoloper (s)

The John Studios


Beat 'em up


E for Everyone


Apple devices

Release Date

August 10, 2015 (Arcade)
November 2, 2015 (Apple devices)

John: Save the Earth! is a Beat 'em up game devoloped by The John Studios and Konami.


Smithy is back once again, reviving his squad. Now Dr. Light calls upon John and his oldest team to stop Smithy for conquering the world! Later he kiddnapes Dr. Light and Rosie, prompting the heroes to go on a rescue mission.


The gameplay is mainly based on off The X-Men and The Simpsons Arcade games also devoloped by Konami.



Characters Special Attacks
John (Balanced) Super Uppercut: John uppercuts to the enemy's stomach, then peforms a powerful Shoryuken.
Robo (Defense)

ig Rocket Fist: Robo fires a huge straight forward rocket fist.

Cosmo (Healer) Seed Heal: Cosmo heals herself/4 players ten of health points.
Saxton Hale (Power) Super Punch: Saxton peforms a rushing punch with huge power.
The Flash (Speed) Flash Combo: Flash dashes the enemy, then proceeds to do a punch/kick combo, ending with a flying kick.
Ryu (Power) (Unlocked at Stage 1) Shinku Hadouken: Ryu fires a big multi-hit Hadoken.
Zobio and Zobiko (Stamina) (Unlocked at Stage 6) Earthquake: Zobiko jumps on Zobio's back, as he jumps and slams into the ground with both fists, creating a large shockwave at the enemies.
Yen Sid (Magic) (Unlocked at Stage 8) Broom Parade: Yen Sid summons three of the magic brooms to wipe out enemies.
Megamind (Intelligence) (Unlocked at Stage 3) Megamind and Minion Squad Attack: Megamind summons Minion with a punch, if done correctly, they will peforms a 7-hit punch/kick combo, ending with Megamind launching a bomb at the enemy.
Morrigan (Agility) (Unlocked at Stage 5) Astral Vision: A double appears on other side of the screen and mirrors her every move for 7 seconds.
Godzilla (Only playable in Stage 4 and Last Stage) Super Atomic Breath: Godzilla breaths an advanced version of the Atomic Breath
Hamtaro (Speed) (Unlocked at Stage 4) Hamster Attack: Hamtaro calls all of his friends to attack enemies by biting them.
Bizarro John (Balanced) (Unlocked after beating the game) Bizarro Squad: Bizarro John summons his team to attack the enemies.


  • Mack (Stage 1 Sub-Boss)
  • Yaridovich (Stage 1 Boss)
  • Earthrock Trilobyte and Frost Walrus (Stage 2 Bosses)
  • Marceline (Stage 3 Sub-Boss)
  • Ryuji Yamazaki (Stage 3 Boss)
  • Megatron (Stage 4 Boss)
  • Chaos 0 (Stage 5 Sub-Boss 1)
  • Flame Mammoth (Stage 5 Sub-Boss 2)
  • Dr. Psyche (Stage 5 Sub-Boss 3)
  • Mad Nautilus (Stage 5 Boss)
  • Death (Stage 6 Sub-Boss)
  • Dracula (Stage 6 Boss)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog (Stage 7 Sub-Boss)
  • Princess Shroob (Stage 7 Boss)
  • Mirror B. (Stage 8 Sub-Boss)
  • Hell Guardians (Stage 8 Bosses)
  • Boss Rush (Yaridovich, Earthrock Trilobyte, Frost Walrus, Megatron. Dr. Psyche, Marceline, Dracula, Scourge the Hedgehog, and Mirror B.) (Stage 9 Sub-Bosses)
  • Axem Rangers (Stage 9 Bosses)
  • Smithy (Final Boss, 1st form) (Final Stage)
  • True Smithy (Final Boss, 2nd form) (Final Stage)
  • Akuma (True Final Boss) (Final Stage) (Requires not to use a Special Attack to Smithy both of his forms)


  • Dr. Light
  • Mega Man
  • Roll
  • Rosie
  • Mastro Forte (During Cutscenes)
  • Ken Masters (Stage 1)
  • Chun-Li (Stage 1)
  • Steven Star (Stage 1)
  • Heavy (Stage 1)
  • Medic (Stage 1)
  • Military Soldiers (Stage 2)
  • The Colonel (Stage 2)
  • Freddy Fazbear (Stage 3)
  • Japanese Kid (Stage 4)
  • Athena Asamiya (Stage 4)
  • Seedater (Stage 5)
  • Simon Belmont (Stage 6)
  • Ben Tennyson (Stage 7)
  • Bugs Bunny (Stage 7)
  • Daffy Duck (Stage 7)
  • Porky Pig (Stage 7)
  • Harry Pitfall (Stage 8)
  • Smithy's other minions (Final Stage)


  • K-9 (Stage 1, 4, and 9)
  • Frogog (Stage 1, and 6)
  • Shyster (Stage 1, and 9)
  • Metool (Every stage except the final one)
  • Cluster (Stage 2, and 7)
  • Degraver (Stage 2, 3, and 8)
  • Ride Armor (Stage 2, and 8)
  • Chow (Stage 6, and 9)


  • Stage 1 - The City
  • Stage 2 - Military Base
  • Stage 3 - Abadoned Amusement Park
  • Stage 4 - Tokyo City
  • Stage 5 - Psyche's Lab
  • Stage 6 - Dracula's Castle
  • Stage 7 - Grand Canyon
  • Stage 8 - The Ruins
  • Stage 9 - Smithy's Battleship
  • Final Stage - Smithy's Airship


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