My First Time Using GoAnimate!

Voice Actor

Katsuyuki Konishi


Fighting Games
Becaming the world's strongest hero


Jon Watson


Attack Button Function
Gun Shot Light Punch + Light Kick
Monkey Flip Back + Light Punch + Light Kick
Flash Punch Combo Light Punch > Light Punch > Medium Punch
Double Roundhouse Right + Light Kick
Cyborg Knee Right + Medium Kick
S.P. Dropkick Right + Hard Kick
Special Dive Down + Light, Medium or Hard Kick (Air)
John Buster Punch (Hold Punch to charge)
Reverser Kick Reverse Shoryuken Motion + Kick
Dragon Kick Half Circle Forward + Kick
Shoryuken Shoryuken Motion + Punch
Project Shield Quarter-circle Back + Punch
Jab Finisher Quarter-circle Forward x2 + Punch
Spiral Dragon Kick Shoryuken Motion + Kick x2
Final Nerd (Max) Half-circle Forward x2 + Punch

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