K10 wall

Kappa 10: Extreme Voltex

Kappa 10: Extreme Voltex is a fighting game baysite on series.


The storys between Ben 10 Worlds and Kappa Mikey Worlds. They are many people with 2 teams side by side.


Kappa Mikey: Extreme Seasons Ben 10: Voltex
Mikey Simon Ben Tennyson
Kenji Otawaka Gwen Tennyson
Lily Kevin Levin
Mitsuki Mike Albright
Guano Julie Yamamoto
Gonard Maya
Lizzy Edwin GrandSmith
Jenna Gillmose Kai Green
Taichi Randy Gereld
Alicesu Sean Marcus
Nasumi Raidou Kazami
Lili Xavin
Akira Albedo
Mariko Damon
Gordon Charmcaster
Reido Craig Reed
Shiro Helen Wheels
Arif Manny Armstrong
Ryuka The Tenth of Hood
Reiko Melissa
Miyuki Sophie Sunnyton
Nuroku Emma Mckenzie

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