First Appearance

Muramasa: The Demon Blade



Kisuke is a boy without any memories of his past. He is confronted by several ninja who call him a traitor. After defeating them he meets Yuzuruha, who is impressed by his sword fighting skills and offers her support and a Muramasa if Kisuke collects souls for Inari. Having no other clue on his past, he heads to the ninja base in skull valley. He meets Yagyu Yukinojyo who offers to stop his ninja from chasing him is he reconfirms their alliance. In order to do so Kisuke is supposed to capture Torahime. After confronting Torahime he starts to have feelings for her and starts to support her agenda. Over the course of his adventure he remembers that he and Torahime had already met and that he had died in order to protect her, only to be resurected by Jinkuro Izuna's late master through a soul fusion, granting him exceptional mastery over the Oboro Style.

He tends to be a nice person despite the fact he uses the Oboro Style. Sometimes, he will make curt responses to others, but in general, he is polite and has only good intentions.




  • Saeko Busuijma (Partner in P7Z)
  • Momohime
  • Torahime

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