Male Klaus Baudelaire
Female Aya Drevis
Male Age 13
Female Age 11
Male Voice Liam Aiken
Female Voice Aquaspirit77
Hugs 2
Kisses (Cheeks & Forehead 1
Kisses (Lips) 2
Almost Kisses 1
Episode Met Unfortunate Madness
Episode Started Loving The Girl of His Dreams, Part 1
Rivals (Klaus) Count Olaf, I.M. Meen (looks like Count Olaf), Adolf Hitler
Rivals (Aya) I.M. Meen, Adolf Hitler, Irate Gamer, Best Hercules
Alias Klaya, Ayaus

How It All StartedEdit

Sandvich33 made a debate on who should be Klaus's girlfriend. The choices were Ib from...Ib and Aya Drevis from Mad Father. He leaned towards the 2nd. A majority of the people voted for Aya Drevis, so this page was made, and everyone celebrated with Corona and Corona Light (not really).

It makes some sense since they both lived in large mansions, they lost their parents (if you count one of the endings to Mad Father), and they have read a lot of books in their time.

FanfictionEdit (currently in the works)

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