Following the events, after Tuxedo Lovelace vs Dormammu and the end of Tuxedo Lovelace vs CarnEvil, Tuxedo and Spawn are merging teams. Izaya and his Syndicate have waited for Dormammu's Death but now made a first move, Tuxedo never knew how long the war must end.

It's now avalible on Devaintart.


Returning HeroesEdit

  1. Tuxedo Lovelace (Main Hero)
  2. Shadow Queen (Main Hero)
  3. Maria Lovelace (Minor)
  4. Raphael lovelace (Minor)
  5. Samantha Lovelace (Minor)
  6. Terra
  7. Stacy Hirano
  8. Oswald the Black Knight
  9. Xigbar 
  10. Gatomon
  11. Xaldin
  12. Raziel
  13. Strong Bad 
  14. Index
  15. Ike Musume 
  16. Gex the Gecko 
  17. Sam and Max 
  18. Marisa Kirisame

New characterEdit

  1. Vexx
  2. Ezekeil Zick
  3. Kohaku
  4. Sokka
  5. Splosion Man 
  6. Yuffie 
  7. The Annoying Orange,
  8. Pear 
  9. Passion Fruit 
  10. Midget Apple
  11. Marshmallow
  12. Gwendolyn

Main VillainsEdit

The main villain of the story will be Dormammu. This is 3rd time as main villain and Izaya Orihara will also be a main villain, the secondary main villain with his followers. It's a 3 way conflict with the heroes vs Dormammu and his deadly plans for the multiuniverse vs Izaya and his more ordely plans for the multiuniverse.


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