Matthew "Matt" Hargreaves is a character in Eddsworld, usually recognized by his ginger hair, square chin, purple hooded sweatshirt (formerly a black shirt, until he received the purple one as a Christmas present at the end of Zanta Claws) and green vest overcoat. Matt's first appearance was in Edd Again (the earliest video available to watch on the site), but didn't have a speaking role until Punch'd. Matt is known for having intelligent-sounding sayings, such as "indubitably", though it is evident that he is not quite as intelligent as his vocabulary implies. As until Zanta Claws 2, he didn't know money could burn, (and the you should never approch a zombie, unless you too are a zombie) Matt can speak english but he may know french also. Proof of this is in Hammer and Fail 2 as it is shown he put "Moi" on his calender (Moi is french for 'Me').


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