mitsuko kawai
Mitsuko kawai
name mitsuko kawai
Age 6
status Deceased ( as a Onryō ghost)
mother Yoshimi Matsubara (fake mother)

mitsuko kawai is the villain of the 2002 movie dark water she was the same age of Ikuko matsubara befor a year ago befor mitsuko kawai was infront of her kindergarten school and waits for her mother Unkown name for hours and never show up left her heartbreak and sad she walk home in the rain feeling abonered by her own mother she went in the elevator going up two the roof climbing to a tank where the child had no business up there in the frist place looking at a tank with dirty water in it her red bunny bad falls in it trying to get but it was two late she fall in the tank and die a year later she become a Onryō know as a revengeful ghost in japaness and finds Yoshimi Matsubara as a replacement for her new mother.


mitsuko kawai is a 6 year old girl who was abonered by her own mother and felt like she didn't love her she walk home when yoshimi matsubara had a vision of the child looking similar age to her daughter that Yoshimi discovers that the upstairs apartment, the source of the leak, was formerly the home of a girl named Mitsuko Kawai , She had attended the same kindergarten Ikuko now attends. Mitsuko was abandoned by her mother and vanished more than a year ago. As she fall in the tank and die she became a revengeful ghost to find a new mother like samara did but her main goal is be love again.



Mitsuko appear in the elevator

As a year pass she became alone and sill sad by her own mother but no befor long another mother name Yoshimi Matsubara a divorce mother who trying to win her daughter for her husband she first appear in the elevator when yoshimi first enter in the elevator with her daughter Ikuko matsubara as well the water drop from the elevator the ghost of mitsuko appear and hold yoshimi hand she found some peace for a minten but it got ruin when Ikuko call her mom yoshimi look at her hand thinking to herself who hold her hand but left it alone as they both leave the elevator together peacefully another lil girl pop up on the screen for only two seconds the old man was scared and confused at the same time as he thinks to himself only saw one lil girl with her mother who just left the elevator together he look closefully but she dispear and vanished


Mitsuko looking

Mitsuko appear on the same day when ikuko keep waiting for her mom to pick her up knowing if she be there so she started to walk home knowing that she was walking she saw a lil girl was standing there looking at her and didn't do anything so she keep on walking home.


mitsuko on the missing child paper

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