Mojo Hojo Rumble Episode 1 - The Battle Begins

Run Time

60 Minutes (Cut into 4 parts in YouTube)


TV-14 VL (Cut version)

Original Air Date

September 6th 2013

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Next Episode

The Rampage of Jim Harbaugh

Channel Airing


The Battle Begins is the plot episode for Mojo Hojo Rumble! the Series


When Ishamie wakes up in the morning he realizes that he is late for work (which was a reference to other series of people being late for work [Ex: Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew,Yui Hirasawa from K-ON!, and Usagi from Sailor Moon]) So he rushed to work and walked by his cousin Madoka Kaname and said "hi" to Madoka, so Ishamie got in time for work, but a explosion was heard in the street, So Ishamie looked at the Window and Giygas was attacking Washington D.C., so Ishamie transformed in his superhero form and invited his friends Rose Sheedy,Chie Satonaka,and Sayaka Miki (his love interest) and tried to defeat Giygas as hard as they could.

Character Appearance'sEdit




  • Giygas

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