These are the episodes of My Little Pony X Transformers: Worlds Collide

Season OneEdit

Total Of Episodes: 13

No. Episode Title

Japanese Episode Title

Synopsis/Plot Airdate
1 Roll Out To Equestria A New World! Autobots in a Strange Place! Optimus Prime and the Autobots, after a battle in Cybertron with the Decepticons, ended up in a land of magical ponies known as the Land of Equestria, and the team must team up with the Mane Six. June 8, 2012
2 Robo-Guardian June 15, 2012
3 June 22, 2012
4 June 29, 2012
5 July 6, 2012
6 Scraparasite Of Scraps and Parasites! They Are Doomed Again! July 13, 2012
7 July 20, 2012
8 July 27, 2012
9 August 3, 2012
10 August 10, 2012
11 August 17, 2012
12 August 24, 2012
13 Harmonies All Gathered For Battle! Unleashing the Elements! Ponies and Autobots vs. Decepticons! August 24, 2012

Season TwoEdit

The continuation of the series and a sequel to Atomic Pony X Total Transfordramers, Total of 13 Episodes

No. Episode Title Japanese Episode Title Synopsis/Plot Airdate
14 Fall 2012
20 Human Poni-Bot-Dox Error Transformers and Ponies Became Cloned Humans! The Humanization Paradox!
23 Guardians of the Past Our Ancestors! The Arrival of our Past Selves! 2013
25 Unicron Rising The Rise of Chaos! Unicron is Unleashed!
26 Destiny of Harmony and Leadership The Final Battle! All Heroes Gather Against Chaos! 2013

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