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Tactical RPG


T for Teen


Monolith Soft
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Bandai Namco Entertainment

Nebula X Revolution Z (ネビュラ クロス レボリューション ゼット, Nebyura Kurosu Revoryushon Zetto, prononuced Nebula Cross Revolution Z) is a crossover tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and Mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone [via XBL]) developed by A.M. Games and Monolith Soft and published by Bandai Namco Games.

The game is inspired by Bandai Namco Games's crossover game, Project X Zone.


Kevin Kushieda and Mikayla Rodriguez discovered a very unexpected disk that might send to another universe, suddenly, they did as they have met a lot of cartoon, anime and tokusatsu characters. However, as things may go by, a brute man with a gritty past and a hot girlfriend, gathered all the villains to do something evil, and by that, they meant to collide the reality and fantasy as two separate worlds have and destroy everything (cliche isn't it?), Kevin, Mikayla and the others have no choice but to team up with a lot of people to save their world, whether that's a lot of people or not.


Like in Project X Zone, Stages in Nebula X Revolution Z take place in grid-based locations from the game's many crossover titles. Each friendly unit is made up of two characters (thus referred to as a Pair Unit), though a third character (or "Solo Unit") can be added for once-per-battle assistance. Unlike Namco × Capcom, units can move freely within their range on the field map, with no penalty for accessing treasure chests or destructible objects prior to attacking.

The battle system is called the Cross Active Battle System, wherein pressing the A button in combination with the Circle Pad performs up to five basic attack combos. Additional gameplay elements include Support Attack, which allows the player to call in a nearby ally for assistance, and Cross Hit, which freezes the target in place during simultaneous attacks from multiple units. Also, the player can trigger Critical Hits by connecting their next attack just before the target hits the ground after the first. As the player's units deal damage, the player's Cross Power (XP) gauge fills up and can be used for special attacks and defensive moves on the map. Damage done via Cross Hits can fill this gauge up to 150%.

NXRZ has a a total of 15 save game slots included in the game, which can be used for recording a save game file during intermissions with a quick save file and a soft reset command.

Unlike in PXZ and other spoofs, NXRZ can switch characters for any pair and solo units.


It was confirmed that the game will feature character rosters from any of NaruIchi97's favorite stuff as well as his original characters from his franchises.

Original Characters from both NXRZ and any NI97 SeriesEdit

  • Kevin Kushieda - A Japanese-American upbeat 17-year-old boy who likes to have a good day, also likes to Play Videogames, Watch Anime/Cartoons and he is also athletic and badass, He is also an otaku and a Transformers and MLP. Although, he can fight like a mixed martial artist and a weapon wielder/shooter using his weapon the Shinken Gunsword. He is voiced by Ryota Osaka in the Japanese version and Adam Hicks in the English version. He is the main protagonist of the game.
  • Mikayla Rodriguez - A young 16-year-old Cuban-American girl who is also an otaku, also she is a smart girl, likes Salsa, Dubstep and Rock and she is obsessed with the My Little Pony franchise as she is a pegasister. While being Kevin's best friend, she has a crush on him. Also, she fights on his side with her weapon called Embrace Machine Gun. She is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu in the Japanese version and Caitlin Sanchez in the English version.
  • Craig Sherman - A fun-loving 17-year-old who loves to play games, do cosplay ocasionally and he is best friends with Kevin. He is a bit crazy, a knucklehead, but also a nice guy. He will assist Mikayla and Kevin on their battles. He is voiced by Yuki Kaji in the Japanese version and Jeremy Shada in the English version.
  • Ryoshi Akiyama - The 15-year-old character of Transformers: Unicron Chronicles. A young cyborg who fights alongside the Team Prime and his other world friends. He is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna in the Japanese version and Jason Spisak in the English version.
  • Yosuke Morikawa - The Protagonist of Harmony Unleashed: Equestrian Trinity. An upbeat 14-year-old brony who is a sane fan for MLP: FIM and is one of the International Leaders for the Spirit Brony Resistance. He is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi in the Japanese version and Daryl Sabara in the English version.
  • Shinji Iwakami - The 13-year-old protagonist of Lazarus Defiance. He is an alien who came out of space from a planet annihilated by Dark Lazarus. He leads the Defiance team with Blythe, Gintoki, Bart, Lisa, Fourze, Mordecai, Rigby and the others who support him. He is voiced by Mikoi Sasaki in the Japanese version and Todd Haberkorn in the English version.
  • Asuka Suzumura - The 14-year-old protagonist of Atomic Betty X Total Drama: Slash Prime. She is a counterpart of Betty Barrett from the Atomic Betty series. She is a young girl who is upbeat and nice, also she is a fan of Tokyo Reality Stars (a japanese counterpart of the Total Drama Series) and is one of the Japanese Galactic Guardians. She is voiced by Yoko Hikasa in the Japanese version and Andrea Libman in the English version.
  • Kaoru Hayakawa - A 16-year-old TRS contestant who is self-confident and neutral and a bit bossy and a perfectionist. She is the counterpart of Courtney from the Total Drama series and fights alongside Asuka. She is voiced by Aya Hirano in the Japanese version and Tara Strong in the English version.
  • Mitsuhide Kurama - A man who is cursed by his past after his family was murdered by his actions due to being sick and tired of being pushed around by his family. He is the main antagonist of the game. He is voiced by Hiroyuki Kinoshita in the Japanese version and Troy Baker in the English version
  • Maurecia Lee - Kurama's assistant and lover. She is sexy, cocky, fun and crazy to the max. She always enjoys playing war as a game. She is obsessed with her assistant Kurama. She is voiced by Kikuko Inoue in the Japanese version and Gwendoline Yeo in the English version.

Pair UnitsEdit

Characters Series Japanese Seiyuu English VA
Kevin Kushieda & Mikayla Rodriguez Original Ryota Osaka & Haruka Tomatsu Adam Hicks & Caitlin Sanchez
Ryoshi Akiyama & Yosuke Morikawa Transformers: Unicron Chronicles & Harmony Unleashed: Equestrian Trinity Nobutoshi Canna & Daisuke Sakaguchi Jason Spisak & Daryl Sabara
Asuka Suzumura & Atomic Betty Atomic Betty X Total Drama: Slash Prime & Atomic Betty Kaori Ishihara & Yoko Honna Andrea Libman & Tajja Isen
Optimus Prime & Princess Celestia Transformers & My Little Pony Tessho Genda/Hiroki Takahashi (Human) & Kikuko Inoue Peter Cullen/Crispin Freeman (Human) & Nicole Oliver
Shinji Iwakami & Blythe Baxter Lazarus Defiance & Littlest Pet Shop Mikoi Sasaki & Saori Hayami Todd Haberkorn & Ashleigh Ball
Hermann Fegelein & Heinrich Himmler Der Untergang Hiroyuki Kinoshita  & Toru Okawa Thomas Kretschmann & Ulrich Noethen
Chaz Lang & Lil' Rob Atomic Betty & Wild Grinders Soichiro Hoshi & Yuichi Nakamura Scott McCord & Rob Dyrdek
Pacster & Sonic the Hedgehog Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures & Sonic the Hedgehog series Yuka Terasaki & Tomokazu Seki Erin Matthews & Roger Craig Smith
AkaRed & Kamen Rider Decade GoGo Sentai Boukenger & Kamen Rider Decade Toru Furuya & Masahiro Inoue Crispin Freeman & Yuri Lowenthal
Twilight Sparkle & Applejack My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls & Harmony Unleashed: Anthro Bunraku* Miyuki Sawashiro & Sora Tokui (Pony/EqG)
Maaya Sakamoto & Kenichi Suzumura (AB)
Tara Strong & Ashleigh Ball
Matt Hill (AB Applejack)
Sunset Shimmer & Flash Sentry* My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Nana Mizuki & Kisho Taniyama Rebecca Shoichet & Vincent Tong
Kin & Kon Kujira Grojband Yuki Kaji & Wataru Hatano Sergio Di Zio & Tim Berseford
Frollo & Gaston Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty & The Beast & Chincherrinas' The Frollo Show Tetsu Inada & Naoya Uchida Corey Burton & Richard White
Rex Salazar & Ben Tennyson Ben 10 & Generator Rex Showtaro Morikubo & Toshimi Kanno Daryl Sabara & Yuri Lowenthal
Kirito/Kazuto Kirigaya & Shining Armor Sword Art Online & My Little Pony Yoshitsugu Matsuoka & Mamoru Miyano Bryce Papenbrook & Andrew Francis
Naruto Uzumaki & Big Macintosh Naruto: Shippuden & My Little Pony Junko Takeuchi & Hiroshi Shirokuma Maile Flanagan & Peter New
Fluttershy & Hinata Hyuga My Little Pony & Naruto: Shippuden Emiri Kato & Nana Mizuki Andrea Libman & Stephanie Sheh
Asuna/Asuna Yuuki & Princess Cadance Sword Art Online & My Little Pony Haruka Tomatsu & Aki Toyosaki Cherami Leigh & Britt McKillip
Kuroyukihime & Madoka Kaname Accel World & Puella Magi Madoka Magica Sachika Mizawa & Aoi Yuki Kira "Rina-chan" Buckland & Christine Marie Cabanos
El Chavo & Quico El Chavo del Ocho Sayaka Aida & Hiroyuki Yoshino Mona Marshall & Doug Erholtz
Gintoki Sakata & Blooregard Q. Kazoo Gintama & Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Tomokazu Sugita & Noriaki Sugiyama Steve Blum & Keith Ferguson
Ray Okamoto & Chase Suno with Tatsurion the Unchained & Lock Kaijudo & Monsuno Nobuhiko Okamoto & KENN
Tessho Genda (Tatsurion) & N/A (Lock)
Scott Wolf & Cam Clarke
David Sobolov (Tatsurion)
Gumball Watterson & Darwin The Amazing World of Gumball Junko Takeuchi & Yumiko Kobayashi Logan Grove & Kwesi Boakye
Finn the Human & Jake the Dog Adventure Time Romi Park & Shiro Saito Jeremy Shada & John DiMaggio
Iron Man/Tony Stark & War Machine/Iron Patriot/Rhodey Rhodes Iron Man Keiji Fujiwara & Hiroki Yasumoto Adrian Pasdar & James C. Mathis III
Superman & Batman* DC Nation Koichi Yamadera & Toru Okawa Tim Daly & Kevin Conroy
Monkey D. Luffy & Roronoa Zoro One Piece Mayumi Tanaka & Kazuya Nakai Colleen Cinkenbeard & Christopher Sabat
Duncan Rosenblatt & Rin Okumura Firebreather & Blue Exorcist Takuya Sato & Nobuhiko Okamoto Jesse Head & Bryce Papenbrook
Duncan & Courtney Total Drama Noriaki Sugiyama & Yui Horie Drew Nelson & Emilie-Claire Barlow
Daisuke Nonaka & Kaoru Hayakawa* Atomic Betty X Total Drama: Slash Prime Tetsuya Kakihara & Aya Hirano Bryce Papenbrook & Tara Strong
Ichigo Kurosaki & Rukia Kuchiki Bleach Masakazu Morita & Fumiko Orikasa Johnny Yong Bosch & Michelle Ruff
Dipper & Mabel Pines Gravity Falls Mitsuo Iwata & Etsuko Kozakura Jason Ritter & Kristen Schaal
Link & King Harkinian The Legend of Zelda Nobuyuki Hiyama & Fumihiko Tachiki Jeffrey Rath & Colin Fox
Ed & Eddy Ed Edd N Eddy Masakazu Suzuki & Wataru Takagi Matt Hill & Andrew Francis
Ruby Rose & Yang Xiao Long RWBY Kana Hanazawa & Haruka Tomatsu Lindsay Jones & Barbara Dunkelman
Nostalgia Critic & Angry Video Game Nerd* Nostalgia Critic & AVGN Series Toshio Furukawa & Takuya Satou Doug Walker & James Rolfe
Ryuko Matoi & Eren Jaeger* Kill la Kill & Attack on Titan Ami Koshimizu & Yuki Kaji Erica Mendez & Bryce Papenbrook
Jimmy Neutron & Dexter Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius & Dexter's Laboratory Ryoko Shiraishi & Ayumi Kida Debi Derriberry & Candi Milo
Youngmee Song & Mako Mankanshoku Littlest Pet Shop & Kill la Kill Aya Suzaki Shannon Chan-Kent & Christine Marie Cabanos

Solo UnitsEdit

Character Series Japanese Seiyuu English VA
Craig Sherman Original Yuki Kaji Jeremy Shada
Kanade Morikawa Harmony Unleashed: Equestrian Trinity Arisa Ogasawara Karen Strassman
Emilie Faris Transformers: Unicron Chronicles Junko Takeuchi Tara Strong
Sparky Atomic Betty Kosuke Okano Rick Miller
Penny Ling Littlest Pet Shop Nana Mizuki Jocelyn Loewen
Josh Sharp Littlest Pet Shop Nobunaga Shimazaki Samuel Vincent
Spike My Little Pony & Harmony Unleashed: Anthro Bunraku* Motoko Kumai
Tetsuya Kakihara (AB)
Cathy Weseluck
Brad Swaile (AB)
Smokescreen Transformers: Prime Kazuyuki Okitsu Nolan North
Usopp One Piece Kappei Yamaguchi Sonny Strait
Kakashi Hatake Naruto Kazuhiko Inoue Dave Wittenberg
Klein/Ryotaro Tsuboi Sword Art Online Hiroaki Hirata Kirk Thornton
Flame Princess Adventure Time Kana Hanazawa Jessica DiCiccio
Traudl Junge Der Untergang Mabuki Andou Alexandra Maria Lara
Izzy Total Drama Chiwa Saito Katie Crown
Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball Mai Yamane Teresa Gallagher
Princess Luna My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Yumi Uchiyama Tabitha St. Germain
Angry Joe* Angry Joe Show Tomokazu Seki Joe Vargas
Corey Riffin Grojband Jun Fukuyama Lyon Smith
Renji Abarai* Bleach Kentaro Ito Wally Wingert
Gwonam Link & The Faces of Evil Taketora Paul Wann

Rival UnitsEdit

Characters Series Japanese Seiyuu English VA
Mitsuhide Kurama Original Hiroyuki Kinoshita Troy Baker
Maurecia Lee Original Kikuko Inoue Gwendoline Yeo
Megatron Transformers Norio Wakamoto/Mitsuo Iwata (Human) Frank Welker/Matthew Mercer (Human)
Queen Chrysalis My Little Pony Kaori Nazuka Kathleen Barr
Adolf Hitler Der Untergang Akira Kamiya (/) Bruno Ganz
  • [*] Initially a Rival Unit
  • [/] Chikao Otsuka, who voiced Adolf Hitler in the Japanese dub of Der Untergang, died in 2015 due to a ischemic heart failure. Akira Kamiya will replace Otsuka as the Japanese voice for Hitler in this game.


  • Composed by: Rio Hamamoto, Taku Inoue, Anamanaguchi

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