Nikki Kiki Nozona
name Nikki Kiki Nozona
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 16
Sexuality lesbian
Personily prev crazy bitchy selfish

Crazy about power

Nick name ms bitchy drama
lover Reika Kitami
Sister Nami Nozono
Affiliations Academy

Student council Rose Cross

{{[[Quote|You bitches how can y'all do this two me Makeing me have sex with that dirty man|Nikki get very upset after the spell was broken}}

Nikki is a rich soil brat who get anything she wants and get what she wants she will hasssment anyone one who will give her what she will get she rides a limo to school everyday to school like her big sister did Nikki is a crazy pupple hair girl who try to seduce Reika on her first day of high school who she try again later to seduce her again but fail and became power crazy about magic and her personatily turn darkness and crul but her power did not last long untill her meets her last and utimate fath


Nikki is a lesbian crazy girl who not into guys she into girls she have sex with her best friend star and was innlove with her best friend everything has change when the new girl came name Reika keke kitami she saw her feeding the puppy she was very close two and smile with a seduce look in her eyes she want to make sure Reika fall into her trap as her girlfriend she had a crush on reika kitami for the first time knowing that she will like her as well as every boys does but the answer is untold why did Nami pick reika and why she did the answers are told just to what so ever she now wants reika to her crazy self and use some tricks up her hands