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No More Aranchy 2: Black Rose Clock is a Sequel to the original NMA, Which now hold New Characters, New Stages and More Advance Mode and a new Story Mode.


The aim is to defeat your opponent by draining their stamina gauge (HP is used in a certain game mode) with various attacks and special techniques. The player wins a round by draining all of their opponent's stamina, or by possessing more stamina than their opponent when time runs out. Fighters can use regular attacks, power attacks, area-based attacks, and finishing moves. Regular attacks are the main part of the battle, and all combos begin with them. Along with the ability to use various special attacks and techniques with different directional inputs, each character possesses a Battle Style, allowing them to utilize additional moves with the "Style" button. Styles fall into a few of the six battling categories; Swords, Melee, Guns, Element, Magic, and Forms. Each utilizing different abilities when the Style button is pressed.

Attacking and receiving damage fills up a player's Melee/Projective Unite Power Gauge which, when filled to either one or two levels, allows players to perform powerful Unite Attacks or Special Unite, depending on how much their gauge is filled and which multiple button input is chosen. Players can decrease their opponent's Unite Gauge by using taunts when they are knocked down. Players can also use Strange Cancel to deplete their own Unite Gauge to cancel their current combo attack and chain into a new one. The Special Unite Gauge is also used in some Battle Styles and certain special techniques. Rush Mode, occurs when two "Rush" attacks collide with each other, beginning a button mashing minigame. When a character's Stamina is low, the character enters one of two modes to turn the tide of the match: Rumble Mode where it increases the character's attack strength and Unite Gauge restoration, and Resolve Mode, which in addition to the bonuses from Rumble Mode adds a temporary invincible armor as well. Novice players can use the Unite Beat system, which allows them to more easily string together combos and techniques by using only a single button. Along with the stamina gauge, players also have a Guard Gauge which depletes when they block attacks, causing them to become vulnerable if it is completely drained.

Each of the game's stages, feature Stage Gimmicks which trigger when a character is knocked down onto a certain area, causing hazards. There are also Situation Finishes which trigger when a player is defeated by a super move in a certain area.


  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Vs. Mode/Multiplayer Mode
  • Team Attack
  • Time Attack
  • Survival
  • Online
  • Customization
  • Training Mode
  • Mini-Games
  • Options
  • Extras (After beating Story Mode)


Nova StarEdit

  • Andrew Star
  • Hectare Blazela
  • Siegfried Dire
  • Walter Barton
  • Brock Lecarde
  • Rondo the Ripper
  • Armor Black Knight

Endless Blood RunEdit

  • Rachael Star
  • Ramon Denduski
  • Casper Mista
  • Cassandra Valentine
  • Master Noriaki
  • Holly Renard
  • The Windrow Grave Walker
  • Hexer Whipslash
  • Brendan Regal

Winter RealmEdit

  • George Star
  • Bruce Shador
  • James R. Francis
  • Jessica Valentine
  • Nako SheerHeart
  • Hedrick Nickels
  • Layton Traces
  • Samson Speedwagon
  • Fugo BlackHeart
  • Harvey Peace
  • Wheatley Jacob

Shadow's SpoonEdit

  • Steven Star
  • Fiona Blazela
  • Joseph D. Francis
  • Cyclone
  • Phillip Denduski
  • Roxie Nickels
  • Gammabot
  • Tom Smtih
  • Stancer
  • Clawer
  • Explender
  • Jacker the Demon Robot

Tears of the LostEdit

  • Bruce BlazeStar
  • Shad Irvin
  • Thomas Francis
  • Lloyd Arcs
  • Max Waker
  • Jonathan Pegasus
  • Drake Booker
  • Jean Hunter
  • Conner Jigsaw
  • Trace Sky

Mafia's BluesEdit

  • Andrew B. Stardrop


  • Stockgil (Origin of Order)
  • Alvin Nickels (Shadow's Spoon)*
  • Nunchuck Dude (Tear of the Lost)*
  • Danny Stardrop (A Star Warrior in Japan)
  • Kenchia (Project 7 Zone)
  • Richter Blazela (Shadow's Spoon)*
  • Ellis Lostness (Project 7 Zone)
  • Rosa Anarchy (Lawl with Gaterbelt 2, 3, and 4)

[*] - Richter, Alvin, and N.D. have no effort in the story.



  • Robert Barton (Endless Blood Run)
  • Eva Nickels (Winter Realm)
  • Aeon Belie (Winter Realm)
  • Ralph Star (Shadow's Spoon)
  • Adam Jackson (Shadow's Spoon)
  • Elizabeth Valentine (Shadow's Spoon)
  • Nathan Perry (Tear of the Lost)
  • Kenji Irvin (Tear of the Lost)
  • Gohan (Guest)


Nova StarEdit

  • Ancient Hectare
  • Hectare's Castle
  • The Lost Forest
  • Judgement Tower

Endless Blood RunEdit

  • Town Square
  • Cupid's Night
  • Rome Street
  • Lava Factory
  • Big Ben

Winter RealmEdit

  • Snowy Wonderland
  • SheerHeart's House
  • Coastline Sunset
  • Devil's Gateway
  • Raging Horse Ride

Shadow's SpoonEdit

  • Hectare's City
  • Forgotten Area
  • Pyrrha's Harbor
  • Neo Hectare's City
  • Invaded Core's Base
  • Titan Volcano

Tears of the LostEdit

  • New Hectare City
  • Hectare Highschool Academy
  • Subway Stop
  • The Wolf's Route
  • Lion and Shark's Warzone
  • Night of Trave Sky

Mafia's BluesEdit

  • Dusk River's Street

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

  • Seven-Seventy (Final Boss of Arcade Mode)
  • Vegas von Bruster (Final Boss of Story Mode)

Nova StarEdit

  • Erica Star
  • Johnston D. Francis
  • Hilda Blazela
  • Isabella Blazela
  • Destiny Star
  • Trevor Dore
  • Lady Barton
  • Young Noriaki
  • Digeo Lecarde

Endless Blood RunEdit

  • Old Siegfried
  • Marco Mista
  • Cervantes Valentine
  • Leon Passion
  • Michael Saints
  • Mrs. Regal

Winter RealmEdit

  • Lucia Star
  • Mary Blazela
  • Medon Lostness
  • Mako SheerHeart
  • Sara Nickels
  • Eric BlackHeart
  • Sam BlackHeart
  • Harvey's Assistants
  • Young Ellis

Shadow's SpoonEdit

  • Rosa Star
  • Benson T. Francis
  • Hooker
  • Zoey Smith
  • Dave Rugal
  • Kevin Aero
  • Alex Flints
  • Jett Fury

Tears of the LostEdit

  • Lindsey Trace
  • Chase Wolf
  • Leone Alpha
  • Lucas Windblade
  • Lisa BrookeHearts
  • David Clawer
  • Wayne Crusher
  • Fort the Pig
  • Darwin the Bull
  • Solid Mug


  • Flint Clawer
  • Yukiko Hirose
  • Stockny Gat
  • Starla
  • Nina Teardrop
  • Kimchia
  • Demitri Blade
  • Maxwell Sins
  • Sille Lostness
  • Lester LostStar



Andrew StarEdit

Raphael StarEdit

George StarEdit

Steven StarEdit

Bruce BlazeStarEdit

Andrew B. StardropEdit

See alsoEdit

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