Adam JacksonEdit

  • Normal Outlet
    • Red and White (Normal)
    • Black and Grey (Persona 4's Kanji Tatsumi)
  • Wresting Outlet
    • Red (Normal)

Aeon BelicEdit

    • Black and Silver (Normal)
    • Black and Red (TF2’s Heavy)


    • Black and Blue (Storm Hawk's Piper)
    • Blue and Red (Storm Hawk’s Aerrow)

Akari ToujoEdit

    • Pink and Black (Normal)
    • Grey and White (Puella Magi's Akemi Homura)
    • Purple and Grey (Fire Emblem's Tharja)
    • Violet and Blue (Hyperdimension Neptunia's Noire)

Albert Jones (AJ)Edit

    • Black and Blue (Normal)

Alvin NickelsEdit

    • Red and Yellow (Normal)
    • White and Red (Persona 3's Akihiko Sanada)
    • Red and Blue (Tekken's Steve Fox)
    • Black and Silver (WWE’s Seth Rollins)

Andrew StarEdit

  • Normal Outlet
    • Silver and Red (Normal)
  • Masked Warrior
    • Grey and Red (Normal)

Andrew B. StardropEdit

    • Purple and Black (Normal)

Anjuno AkiraEdit

  • Black (Normal)
    • Purple (Fire Emblem's Validar)


    • Blue and Silver (Winx Club’s Bloom)
    • White and Light Blue (Winx Club’s Sky)

Armor Black KnightEdit

    • Silver and Black (Normal)
    • Purple and Red (The Masked Pope)
    • Violet and Dark Red (Soul’s Nightmare)

Billy BobsEdit

    • Grey and Silver (Normal)
    • Red and Silver (TF2’s Spy)


  • Red and Black (Sonic's Shadow)
  • Purple and White (Sonic's Rouge)
  • Red and Silver (Sonic's E-123 Omega)


    • Red and Black (Gravity Rush’s Raven)
    • Purple and Black (Hawkeye)
    • Brown and Grey (Killer is Dead’s Mondo Zappa)
    • Black and Red (Xiadom Shodown’s Jack Spicer)

Brendon RugalEdit

    • Silver and Purple (Normal)
    • Black and White (Castlevania's Death)

Bruce BlazeStarEdit

  • Tear of the Lost
    • Grey and Red (Normal)
    • Black and Blue (Persona 3's Minato Arisato)
    • Purple and Red (MLP:FiM’s Twilight Sparkle)
  • Project 7 Zone
    • Black and Red (Normal)
  • Malta’s Blues
    • Grey and Light Red (Normal)

Bruce BlazeStar IIEdit

  • Black and Silver (Normal)
  • Black and Red (Persona's Sho Minazuki)

Bruce ShadorEdit

    • Silver and Red (Normal)

Bruce GreysonEdit

    • Purple and Silver (Teen Titan’s Starfire)
    • Red and Green (Teen Titan’s Robin)
    • Black and Red (Teen Titan’s Red X)
    • Brown and Black (Masky)

Bruno LeonhartEdit

    • Black and White (FF8’s Squall Leonhart)
    • Silver and Blue (FF8’s Riona Heartily)

Carl ClarkeEdit

    • Brown and Light Blue (Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke)

Carlos BricxiusEdit

    • Red and Black (Sonny’s Baron Bricxius)

Casper MistaEdit

    • Yellow and Silver (Normal)
    • Black and Blue (Dan VS.)
    • Light Blue and Pink (Jojo's Caesar A. Zeppeli)

Celica VermillionEdit

    • Blue and Silver (BlazBlue’s Jun Kisagari)
    • Yellow and White (BlazBlue’s Noel Vermillion)

Cereza IIEdit

    • Black and Purple (Bayonetta)
    • Red and White (Bayonetta’s Jeanne)

Charles QuotesEdit

    • Silver and Blue (Normal)
    • Red and Grey (TF2’s Sniper)
    • Brown and Silver (Pokemon's Clay)

Chase WolfEdit

    • Silver and Brown (Normal)
    • Red and Black (Megaman's Protoman)
    • Blue and Black (Fire Emblem’s Lon’qu)


    • Black and Red (Normal)
    • Orange and White (Tails)


    • Red and Brown (Normal)

Clawer/David ClawerEdit

    • Black and White (Normal)

Clayton DerekEdit

    • Dark Blue and Grey (Normal)

Cody BashamEdit

    • Brown and Grey (Normal)
    • Green and Brown (Ben 10)
    • Red and White (Rurouni Kenshin's Kenshin Himura)
    • Black and Blue (Bravest Warriors's Danny Vasquez)

Conner JigsawEdit

    • Purple and Red (Normal)
    • Black and Red (Blackhearts)

Corey LeGummeEdit

    • Black and Red (Normal)

Cory CooperEdit

  • Gold and Silver (Normal)
  • Blue and Silver (Fire Emblem's Frederick)


  • Black and Green (Normal)
  • Black and Red (Blackhearts)
  • White and Red (Joe Musashi)

Danny StardropEdit

    • Light Blue and Black (Normal)
    • Black and Dark Red (HToD’s Takashi Komuro)
    • Purple and White (Code Geass's Lelouch Vi Britannia)

Dave RugalEdit

    • Black and Purple (Normal)
    • Red and Light Brown (P&SwG’s Kneesocks)

David BlazeStarEdit

    • Grey and Red (Normal)

Dean PilgrimEdit

    • Brown and Red (Scott Pilgrim)
    • Blue and Pink (Scott Pilgrim’s Ramona Flowers)

Death IIIEdit

    • Black and White (Soul Eater’s Death the Kid)
    • Blue and Silver (Soul Eater's Black Star)
    • Yellow and Black (Soul Eater's Soul)
    • Black and Red (Soul Eater's Maka Albarn)

Demtiri BladeEdit

    • Purple and Black (Normal)
    • Blue (DBZ’s Vegeta)

Dirk IrvingEdit

    • Red and Black (Tales’s Lloyd Irving)
    • Blue and White (Tales’s Colette Brunel)

Donato StrangleEdit

    • Blue and Silver (Donato Strangle)

Drake BookerEdit

  • Black (Normal)
  • Red and Grey (LEGO Movie's Lord Business)

Dustin ScoutEdit

    • Dark Red and Purple (Normal)

Dynamo Jack AdoboEdit

  • Normal Outlet
    • Grey and Black (Normal)
  • True James
    • Black and Silver (Normal)

Elizabeth ValentineEdit

  • Normal Outlet
    • Blue and Green (Normal)
  • Valentine’s Ranger
    • Black and Blue (Normal)
    • Brown and Red (Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head)

Ellis LostnessEdit

  • Normal Outlet
    • Black and White (Normal)
    • Purple and Black (Fire Emblem's Tharja)
    • Blue and White (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Masked Shadow
    • Black and White (Normal)

Eric ErdbeereEdit

    • Green and White (Normal)

Evan ForstEdit

    • White and Dark Blue (Rise of the Guardian’s Jack Frost)
    • Yellow and Light Blue (Frozen’s Elsa)

Evan Nathan MacGrathEdit

    • Red and Grey (InFAMOUS’s Evil Cole)


    • Purple and Blue (Normal)

Flint ClawerEdit

    • Yellow and Blue (Normal)
    • Red and Black (WWE’s The Miz)
    • Purple and Grey (Fire Emblem's Brady)
    • Pink and Greem (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure's Narciso Anasui)

Freddie TouchdownEdit

    • Red and Dark Blue (No More Heroes’s Travis Touchdown)
    • Black and Light Brown (No More Heroes’s Sylvia Christel)

Galus HaloEdit

    • White and Purple (Normal)
    • Black and Red (Teen Titan's Red X)
    • Brown and Orange (Gaius's Fire Emblem)


    • Grey and Red (Normal)
    • Black and Green (Clone)

George AnarchyEdit

  • Normal Outfit
    • Black and White (Normal)
  • Unknown Angel
    • White and Black (Normal)

George StarEdit

    • White and Black (Normal)

Golden HokanEdit

    • Yellow and Red (Normal)
    • Light Blue and Gold (WWE’s Sin Cara)

Gregory JensonEdit

    • Grey and Silver (Deus Ex.’s Adam Jenson)

Hexer WhipslashEdit

    • Black and Silver (Normal)

Hisashi AmamiyaEdit

    • Light Blue and Brown (Sin and Punishment’s Isa Jo)
    • Pink and Green (Sin and Punishment’s Kachi)

Hitomi HiranoEdit

    • Green and White (HoTD’s Saya Takagi)
    • Black and Grey (HoTD’s Kohta Hirano)

Icy StevenEdit

    • Black and Light Blue (Normal)
    • Dark Blue and Grey (Darkstalker’s Jedah Dohma)
    • Red and Purple (Ghost n’ Goblins’s Astaroth)
    • Black and Gold (Lawler RPG's Vegus)

Ilana AlucardEdit

    • Red and Black (BlazBlue’s Ragna the Bloodedge)
    • Black and Dark Red (BlazBlue’s Rachel Alucard)


    • Silver and Pink (Sonic’s Silver the Hedgehog)
    • Red and Pink (Sonic’s Blaze the Cat)

Jacker the Demon RobotEdit

    • Silver and Dark Blue (Normal)
    • Black and Purple (Fire Emblem's Henry)
    • Blue and Black (Blue Beeltes)
    • Black (WWE's The Undertaker)

Jason MitchellEdit

    • Black and Pink (Normal)
    • Blue and White (Fire Emblem's Lon'qu)
    • Purple and Black (DBZ's Future Trunks)

Jean HunterEdit

    • Orange and Silver (Normal)

Jeff CaymanEdit

    • Grey and White (Madworld’s Jack Cayman)

Jillian StarlingEdit

    • Purple and Pink (Lollipop Chainsaw’s Juliet Starling)

Johnathon Di MiccoEdit

    • Dark Red and Black (Normal)

Jonathan PegasusEdit

    • Green and Blue (Normal)
    • Brown and Blue (South Park’s Stan Marsh)
    • White and Purple (MLP:FiM’s Rarity)

Joseph FrancisEdit

    • Purple and Black (Normal)

Jun BusujimaEdit

    • Green and Black (HoTD’s Saeko Busujima)
    • Black and Dark Red (HoTD’s Takashi Komuro)

Kalura YeagerEdit

    • Brown and Red (Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager)

Kanji SuzakuEdit

    • Blue and Red (F-Zero’s Captain Falcon)
    • Black and Grey (Batman)


    • White and Blue (Normal)
    • White and Red (Mugen Soul's Chou-Chou)
    • Yellow and Orange (Yumeria's Neneko)
    • Pink and White (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu's Mizuki Himeji)

Kenji IrvinEdit

  • Dark Blue and White (Normal)
    • White and Red (Street Fighter’s Ryu)
    • Blue and Orange (Fighting Vipers's Bahn)

Kenneth TennysonEdit

    • Dark and Green (Ben 10’s Ben Tennyson)

Kevin AeroEdit

    • Blue and Green (Normal)
    • Silver and Black (Yu-Gi-Oh's Kabia)
    • Blue and Red (Ducktales's Scrooge McDuck)
    • White (The Sims's Malcolm Landgrab)

Killing EdgeEdit

  • Brown and Red (Red Steel 2’s Kusagari)
    • Red and Black (Red Steel 2's Shinjiro)

Kokoro KanzakiEdit

    • Black and Silver (Star Gladinator’s Hayato Kanzaki)

Korrina KirisameEdit

    • Black and White (TouHou’s Marisa Kirisame)


    • Yellow and White (Winx Club’s Stella)
    • White and Blue (Winx Club’s Brendan)

Kyosuke IchimonjiEdit

    • Blue and Black (Rival School’s Batsu Ichimonji)

Leone AlphaEdit

    • Purple and Light Blue (Normal)
    • Blue and Brown (Eddsworld's Tom Ska)
    • Red and Blue (LazyTown's Robbie Rotten)
    • Black and Red (WWE's Edge)

Leopold Slikk IIEdit

    • Grey (AGK)

Levin MadnessEdit

    • Black and Grey (Normal)
    • White and Red (Wreck-it Ralph's Trubo)

Lisa BrookeEdit

    • Silver and Orange (Normal)

Lloyd ArcsEdit

    • Dark Blue and Grey (Normal)
    • Brown and Green (Final Fight's Mike Hagger)
    • Orange and Yellow (MLP:FiM’s AppleJack)
    • Black and Red (WWE's Brock Lesnar)

Londen DonnelEdit

    • Black and Red (Normal)

Lucas WindbladeEdit

    • Green and Black (Normal)
    • Purple and Light Brown (No More Heroes’s Henry Cooldown)
    • White and Green (WWE’s Sheamus)
    • Blue and Black (Fire Emblem's Donnel)

Lucky KnifeEdit

    • Green and Yellow (Normal)
    • Green and Black (WWE’s Kofi Kingston)

Lucy StarEdit

    • White and Black (Normal)

Marco MirolliEdit

    • Dark Red and Brown (Normal)

Malcolm DrakeEdit

    • Light Brown and Grey (Uncharted’s Nathan Drake)


    • Red and Orange (Normal)

Mary TendoEdit

    • Green and White (Grenadiar’s Teppa Aizen)
    • Red and White (Grenadiar’s Rushuna Tendo)

Masazo KatagirlEdit

    • Black and Red (Normal)

Mason GreenEdit

    • Grey and Dark Green (Normal)

Master NoriakiEdit

    • Gold and White (Normal)

Matt MarckEdit

    • Grey and Blue (Star War’s Galen Marck)

Max WakerEdit

    • White and Yellow (Normal)
    • Dark Blue and Red (Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure's Phantom R)
    • Pink and Purple (MLP:FiM’s Pinkie Pie)

Maxwell SinsEdit

    • Black and Green (Normal)

Mi Corazon VioletEdit

    • Pink and Yellow (MLP:FiM’s Princess Cadence)

Mike BlazeStarEdit

    • Silver and Red (Normal)
    • Orange and Blue (Kirby's King Dedede)

Misogi KomuroEdit

    • Black and Green (HoTD’s Takashi Komuros)
    • White and Green (HoTD’s Rei Miyamoto)


    • Light Blue and White (Normal)

Moonlight KnightEdit

    • Purple and Dark Blue (Kirby’s Meta Knight)
    • Blue and Black (MLP:FiM’s Princess Luna)

Mug SolidEdit

  • Brown and Orange (Normal)
    • Green and Light Brown (WWE's Erick Rowan)

Nathan PerryEdit

    • Blue and Black (Normal)

Nathan MacGrathEdit

    • Grey and Blue (InFAMOUS’s Cole MacGrath)

The Notorious MacintoshEdit

  • Gold and Silver (Normal)
    • Red and Blue (WWE's Luke HArper)

Olivia SakamakiEdit

    • Yellow and Dark Blue (Problem Children’s Izayoi Sakamaki)
    • Blue and Pink (Problem Children’s Black Rabbit)

Oscar SouthEdit

  • Red and White (Normal)
    • Blue and Black (Megaman X)

Peter DunbarEdit

    • Dark Red and Grey (Normal)

Phillip DenduskiEdit

    • Brown and Grey (Normal)
    • White and Green (Fire Emblem's Gregor)
    • Black and White (Left 4 Dead's Francis)
    • Red and Black (TF2's Demoman)

Plunk LuckEdit

    • Blue and Pink (X-Men’s Gambit)
    • Green and Yellow (X-Men’s Rouge)

Ralph StarEdit

  • Normal Outfit
    • White and Black (Normal)
    • Black and Blue (WWE's Dean Ambrose)
  • Lawler-RPG
    • Grey and Black (Normal)

Raphael StarEdit

    • Silver and Grey (Normal)

Richter BlazelaEdit

    • Yellow and Red (Normal)
    • Red and White (Megaman X's Zero)
    • While and Brown (Bravely Default's Tiz Arrior)
    • Blue and Silver (Fire Emblem's Chrom)

Rosa AnarchyEdit

    • White and Black (Normal)
    • Black and Blue (P&SwG’s Stocking)

Robert YoungEdit

    • Brown and Black (Normal)

Rosie RugalEdit

    • Light Blue and White (Normal)

Roxie NickelsEdit

    • Black and Pink (Normal)

Ruby SunshineEdit

    • Red and Orange (Normal)

Sapphire FountainEdit

    • Blue and Apua (Normal)

Sasuke ZappaEdit

    • Brown and Grey (Killer is Dead’s Mondo Zappa)
    • Green and White (Rozen Maiden’s Suiseiseki)

Saya SummersEdit

    • Red and Yellow (Normal)
    • White and Blue (Final Fight's Poison)
    • Light Blue and White (Guardian Heroes's Nicole Neil)
    • Brown and Blue (Hyperdimension Neptunia's Blanc)

Skip NeverlandEdit

    • Brown and White (Normal)
    • Orange and Brown (Wreck-it Ralph)
    • Red and Black (WWE's Ryback)
    • Pink and Black (Final Fight's Hugo)

Shadow Ace GruntEdit

    • Black (Normal)

Shigechi “Shad” IrvinEdit

    • Dark Brown and Blue (Normal)
    • Light Blue and White (MLP:FiM’s Rainbow Dash)

Shigeru HigurashiEdit

    • Red and White (Inuyasha)
    • White and Green (Inuyasha’s Kagome Higurashu)

Shining CharmEdit

    • White and Blue (MLP:FiM’s Shining Armor)

Shiny DarknessEdit

    • Black and Yellow (To-Love-Ru’s Golden Darkness)

Son GohanEdit

    • Purple and Red (Normal)

Sonny Jr.Edit

    • Dark Green and Light Brown (Sonny)


    • Yellow and Orange (Normal)


    • Light Blue and Pink (Normal)
    • Sky Blue and Black (Winx Club's Icy)
    • Dark Red and Purple (Winx Club's Stormy)
    • Violet and Black (Winx Club's Darcy)

Stephanie BlazeStarEdit

    • White and Red (Normal)
    • Red and Yellow (Fiona Blazela)

Steve the WarriorEdit

    • Red and Orange (Normal)
    • Blue and White (American Dad’s Stan Smith)

Steven StarEdit

  • Shadow's Spoon
    • White and Black (Normal)
    • Black and Dark Red (DmC's Dante)
    • Red and Blue (No More Heroes's Travis Touchdown)
    • Black and White (Dead Rising's Frank West)
  • Lawl with Garterbelt Series
    • White and Grey (Normal)
  • Lawler-RPG
    • White and Pink (Normal)


    • White and Purple (Normal)
    • Blue and Black (DmC’s Vergil)

Stockny GatEdit

    • Black and Blue (Normal)
    • Purple and Dark Blue (Saint Row’s Johnny Gat)

Strider SheenaEdit

    • Purple and Red (Strider Hiryu)
    • White and Orange (Arcana Heart’s Aino Heart)


    • Black and Yellow (Gravity Rush’s Kat)

Syafiq IqbalsEdit

    • Black and White (Normal)


    • Light Blue and Black (Original)

Taylor MelodyEdit

    • Black and Red (Winx Club’s Ogron)
    • Dark Blue and White (Winx Club’s Riven)
    • Purple and Green (Winx Club’s Musa)
    • Dark Red and Black (Winx Club’s Lord Darkar)

Thomas FrancisEdit

    • Black and Purple (Normal)
    • Yellow and Pink (MLP:FiM’s Fluttershy)


    • White and Grey (G.I.Joe’s Shadow Storm)

Timmy LeeEdit

    • Blue and White (Double Dragon’s Billy Lee)
    • Pink and Purple (Double Dragon’s Marian)
    • Red and Black (Double Dragon’s Jimmy Lee)

Tom SmithEdit

    • Red and Brown (Normal)
    • Red and Grey (TF2’s Scout)

Trace SkyEdit

    • Grey and Green (Normal)

Turbo Fighter: OrtonEdit

    • Silver and Black (Normal)
    • Black and Silver (Power Rangers’s Robo Knight)

Ultimate BladeEdit

    • Black and White (Normal)

Unknown LesterEdit

    • Grey and Orange (Normal)
    • Dark Blue and Grey (Left 4 Dead’s Hunter)
    • Blue and Black (Eyeless Jack)
    • White and Black (Jeff the Killer)

Vegas von BrusterEdit

    • Silver and Black (Normal)

Venis TurousEdit

    • Light Blue and Dark Blue (Normal)

Vince ChiltonEdit

    • Dark Green and Grey (MotorCity’s Mike Chilton)


    • Red and Black (G.I.Joe’s Jinx)
    • Black and Silver (G.I.Joe’s Snake Eyes)

Vladuim TwilightEdit

    • Black and Silver (Normal)
    • White and Light Brown (Fire Emblem’s Libra)

Wally RyanEdit

    • Pink and White (Normal)
    • Green and Brown (Eddworld’s Edd Gould)
    • Black and Red (Kingdom Hearts's Sora)

Wayne CrasherEdit

    • Black and Silver (Normal)

Wheatley JacobEdit

    • Silver and Yellow (Normal)

Yu KatagirlEdit

    • White and Blue (Normal)

Yukiko HiroseEdit

    • Green and White (Normal)
    • Brown and Grey (Real Bout High School's Ryoko Mitsurugi)
    • Red and Pink (Sonic's Amy Rose)
    • Pink and White (Puella Magi's Madoka Kaname)

Yusuke NarukamiEdit

    • Black and Silver (Persona 4’s Yu Narukami)
    • Red and Yellow (Persona 4’s Yukiko Amagi)

Zack CrockerEdit

    • Light Brown and Blue (Normal)
    • Purple and Silver (WWE’s Zack Ryder)

Zick SaturdayEdit

    • Orange and Black (Secret Saturday’s Zak Saturday)

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