The Story of Unfortunates mode takes place in Hectare Rugal War to the V.B.Vegas Eras.

Hectare Rugal WarEdit

  • Boss: Overload Armor Black Knight (Andrew Star)

Brendan and HexesEdit

  • Rachael Star vs. Casper Mista
  • Rachael Star vs. Master Noriaki
  • Brendan Rugal vs. Master Noriaki
  • Rachael Star and Casper Mista vs. Hexer Whipslash
  • Brendan Rugal vs. Casper Mista
  • Master Noriaki vs. Brendan Rugal and Hexer Whipslash
  • Rachael Star vs. Hexer Whipslash
  • Boss: Overload Brenden Rugal (Rachael Star)

The BlackheartsEdit

  • Bruce Shador vs. Geroge Star
  • Whealtey Jacob vs. Bruce Shador 
  • Wheatley Jacob vs. George Star
  • Boss: Overload Wheatley Jacob (Bruce Shador or George Star)

Invaded Cults RiseEdit

  • Boss: Overload Dave Rugal 1 (Steven Star, Jason Mitchell, or Wally Ryan)
  • Boss: Overload Jacker (Steven Star)

Origin of OrderEdit

  • Boss: Overload Stockgil 1 (Ralph Star and Alvin Nickels)

War after DeathEdit

  • Boss: Bret Lester (Wally Ryan, Jason Mitchell, or Billy Bobs)
  • Boss: Overload Dave Rugal 2 (Wally Ryan, Jason Mitchell, or Billy Bobs)

Genetic Bounties in PassionateEdit

  • Boss: Forbid Feast (Bruce BlazeStar, Shad Irvin, or Thomas Franchis)
  • Boss: Overload Trace Sky (Bruce BlazeStar)

The Shadow RickEdit

  • Boss: Overload Ellis (Bruce BlazeStar or Kenchia)
  • Boss: Medon Lostness (Bruce BlazeStar (Phoenix))

Endless battle of VegusEdit

  • Venis vs. Ralph Star
  • Boss: Overload Chaos Ralph (Venis)
  • Boss: Overload Stockgil 2 (Venis, Bruce BlazeStar, or Rosa Anarchy)
  • Boss: Overload Icy Steven (Venis, Steven Star, Bruce BlazeStar, or Rosa Anarchy)
  • Boss: Dark Dragon Steven (Venis or Steven Star)
  • Boss: Vegus (Venis)

Blusters's New ErasEdit

  • Boss: Dusk Street Leader (Andrew Star or Robert Young)
  • Boss: Ultimate Blade (Andrew Stardrop or Oscar South)
  • Boss: Overload Vegas von Blusters and the 7 Ultimate Dragons (Andrew (8-Bit Hero Mech))

Bonus LevelEdit

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