No more anarchy 4 the revolution title by stevenstar777-d88m17j

No More Anarchy 4: The Revolution is the thrid sequel of the NMA series.


It's like the second and third games


  • Story Mode
    • Lawl Showcase
  • Arcade Mode
  • Vs. Mode/Multiplayer Mode
  • X Mode
    • Fatal 4 Battle
    • Team Turmoil
    • 10-40 Men Battle Royale
  • Online
  • Customization Mode
    • Characters
    • Stage
  • Weapons
  • Training Mode
  • Mini-Games
  • Options
  • Extras



Character Series Relic Weapon Side Theme
Abby Vesa Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude Two Razor Laser Sword Hero
Adam Jackson Shadow's Spoon Wrestling Metal Fist Hero Human Error (Droideka)
Aeon Belic Black Rose Clock Machine Arms Hero Stronger (TRUSTcompany) 
Akari Toujo Matla's Blues Cherry Blossom's Sword Hero Hand of Blood (Bullet for my Valentine) 
Albert Trent Jones (A.J.) LwG 4 (NPC) Steel Chair and Chainsaw Hero The Crazy Ones (Stellar Revival)
Alvin Nickels Shadow's Spoon Kangaroo's Fist Hero Make Some Noise (Put 'Em Up) by The Crystal Method ft. Yelawolf
Andrew Star Dissolution X Star Nova Sword Hero (Normal)
Villain (Cruse)
Unknown Soldier (Breaking Benjamin)
Andrew B. Stardrop Malta’s Blues
LwG 3/4 (DLC)
Star Kitana and Hero's Mask Hero
Armor Black Knight Black Rose Clock Vampire's Blade Villain
Billy Bobs War after Death BBA Shotguns Hero
Black the Hedgehog War after death - World's Return Two Pistol Hero Born This Way (Thousand Foot Krutch)
Blackwing War after death - World's Return Gravity Crossbow Hero
Brendon Rugal Black Rose Clock Vampire's Scythe Villain No More Sorrow (Linkin Park)
Bruce BlazeStar Tear of the Lost
Project 7 Zone
LwG 3/4 (DLC)
Star Bruner Hero Drones (Rise Against)
Bruce BlazeStar II LwG 4 Star Manga Anti-Hero Price to Play (Staind)
Bruce Greyson Wat after Death - Ruined World Lighting Hands Anti-Hero The Antidote (Story of the Year) 
Bruce Shador Shadow's Spoon Shader's Sword Hero Eyes Wired Shut (Edgewater)
Casper Mista Black Rose Clock Thunder Heaters Hero Falling Apart (TRUSTcompany)
Charles Quotes Tear of the Lost Nail Cannon Hero In My Head (12 Stones)
Chase Wolf Tear of the Lost Mirror Arrow Hero Stitches (Allele)
Chewie Hunter Tear of the Lost Spoon Sword Hero Fake It (Seether)
Clawer Shadow's Spoon
Malta's Blues
N/A Villain (Normal)
Hero (Human)
Panic Room (Theory of a Deadman)
Clayton Derek Tear of the Lost Mini Cannon Villain to Hero Remedy (Cold)
Cody Basham Matla's Blues Gold's Making Gun Hero Turn the Table (Saliva) 
Conner Jigsaw Tear of the Lost Jigsaw Blade Villain
Corey LeGumme InCrisis Bat and Shotgun Hero Find The Real (Alter Bridge)
Cory Cooper Matla's Blues Shield Masters Hero
Cyclone Shadow's Spoon Tornado and Hurricane Blades Hero Reptile's Theme (Srkillex)
Danny Stardrop Origin of Order
Station Square's Attack
Star Twin Raindrop Hero Animal I Have Become (Three Days Grace)
Dave Rugal Shadow's Spoon Vampire's Scythes Villain
Demtiri Blade Project 7 Zone Toxic Sickness I & II Villain to Hero Happy? (Mudvayne)
Donato Strange NMA3 Daggers of Denak Hero Last Shot (Politics and Assassins)
Drake Booker Tear of the Lost Dusk Sword Villain to Hero Famous (Pubble of Mud) 
Dynamo James Adobo Tear of the Lost TNT Arms Villain to Hero Broken (12 Stones)
Elizabeth Valentine Shadow's Spoon Magic Gloves Hero
Ellis Lostness Project 7 Zone Galaxy Sword Villain to Hero The Diary Of Jane (Breaking Benjamin)
Eric Erdbeere Shadow's Spoon Accordion Hero Jungle (X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons)
Explender Shadow's Spoon N/A Villain Think (Drowning Pool)
Fiona Blazela Shadow's Spoon
Tear of the Lost
Harry's Sword Hero
Flint Clawer Malta’s Blues Sunlight and Moonlight Claws Hero Rip It Up (Jet)
Galus Halo LwG4 Dark Wing's Knife Villain to Hero Survival Of The Sickest (Saliva)
Gammabot Shadow's Spoon N/A Hero One In A Million (Monty Are I)
George Anarchy LwG 3 & 4 Star Steel Stripe Hero Ready to Roll (Jet Black Stare)
George Star Black Rose Clock Star Diamond Cutter Hero Coming Home (Alter Bridge)
Golden Hokan Shadow's Spoons N/A Hero
Hexer Whipslash Black Rise Clock Spinning Silver Snakes Villain Polyamorous (Breaking Benjamin)
Icy Steven Lawler-RPG Blizzard Star Pluck Villain
Jack the Hedgehog (New) Smash Bros. Kombat N/A Hero
Jacker the Demon Robot Shadow's Spoon Chill Slack Villain to Hero Isolation (Alter Bridge)
Jason Mitchell War after death Liontamer Hero Fallout (Alter Bridge)
Jimmy Jr. LwG4 Flame Sword Hero Get Thru This (Art of Dying)
Johnathon "Johnie" Di Micco Battle of the Future Devil May Cry Hero
Jonathan Pegasus Tear of the Lost Orange Silcer Hero Forgive Me (Versus the World)
Joseph D. Francis Shadow's Spoon Steel Sword (Lvl. Captain) Hero Fast Fuse (Kasabian)
Kanji Suzuka War after death - World Ruined N/A Villain to Hero Baby Hates Me (Danko Jones)
Kenchia Project 7 Zone Icy Sword Hero Downfall (Trust Company)
Kenji Irvin Tear of the Lost Lions Fist Hero Riot (Three Day Grace) 
Kevin Aero Shadow's Spoon Machine Gun Hero to Villain Million Dollar Man (Kutless)
Layla the FoxShunk (New) Smash Bros. Kombat N/A Villain to Hero
Leone Alpha Tear of the Lost Controlled Blade Hero Today Is the Day (Dope)
Levin Madness Tear of the Lost Nails Bat Villain Bullet With A Name (Nonpoint)
Lisa Brooke Tear of the Lost Twin Silver Mist Blade Hero Not This Time (Fuel)
Lloyd Ace Tear of the Lost Crash Axe Hero This Fire Burns (Killswitch Engage)
Londen Donnel Malta's Blues Lobster Sword Hero Runaway (Hail The Villain)
Lucas Windblade Tear of the Lost Wind Power Gloves Hero Enemy (Sevendust)
Lucky Knife Malta's Blues Knife Gloves Hero
Lucy Star NMA3 Star Luna Blade Hero A Life Of Dying (Perfect Like Me)
Marco Mirolli Shadow's Spoon Cavaliere Blade and Cavaliere Shield Hero Tick Tick Boom (The Hives)
Masazo Katagirl Shadow's Spoon Red Token Blade Villain Hate (Drowning Pool)
Mason Green LwG 4 Beast Ring Villain The Fight Song (Marilyn Manson)
Master Noriaki Black Rose Cloak Golden Stick Hero Your Goodbye (Downstait)
Max Waker Tear of the Lost Music Hammer Hero Na Na Na (My Chemical Romance)
Maxwell Sins Project 7 Zone Nitro Heat Burster Villain to Hero Adrenaline (Shinedown)
Mist Tear of the Lost Hurricane Blade Villain Core (The Angle)
Mug Solid Tear of the Lost Ground Claws Villain Like Suicide (Seether)
Nathan Perry Tear of the Lost Cloning Claws Hero Alive and Kicking (Nonpoint) 
The Notorious Macintosh Tear of the Lost Electoral Guitar Villain to Hero Lights Out (Breaking Benjamin)
Oscar South Battle Night! Arm Cannon Hero Superstar (Saliva)
Patricia the Skunk (New) Smash Bros. Kombat N/A Hero
Peter Dunbar NMA3 Zweihänder Anti-Hero Ignition (TobyMac)
Phillip Dendsuki Shadow's Spoon Earth Hammer and Sword Hero Just Another War (Josey Scott)
Ralph Star Shadow's Spoon
Star Tooth Hero (Shadow's Spoon)
Villain (Lawler-RPG)
Remedy (Seether)
Raphael Star Black Rose Clock Star Twin Tusk Hero Stand Up For Rock N' Roll by Airbourne
Robert Young Matla's Blues Platinum Hammer Hero Put Your Lips To The TV (Project 86)
Richter Blazela Shadow's Spoon Bruning Blade Hero
Rosa Anarchy LwG 2, 3, and 4 Star Stripe Hero Break The Ice (Britney Spears)
Rosie Rugel Shadow's Spoon
War after Death
Bloody Sword Hero Not Gonna Die (Skillet)
Roxie Nickels Shadow's Spoon Pink Hands Blade and Hand Cannon Hero A Stranger I Remain (Jamie Christopherson)
Ruby Sunshine Battle Night! Ruby's Hands Hero
Sapphire Fontaine Battle Night! Sapphire's Hands Hero
Saya Summer LwG 4 Levin Knife Villain to Hero
Shad Irvin Tear of the Lost Fish Hook Sword Hero Edge of a Revolution (Nickelback)
Shadow Ace Grunt Project 7 Zone Shadow Ace's Claw Villain Lonely Train (Black Stone Cherry)
Skip Neverland LwG 4 Breaking Point Glove Villain to Hero Sacrifice (Atom Smash)
Stancer Shadow's Spoon
Station Square's Attack
Sword and Shield Villain Driven (Sevendust)
Starla Station Square's Attack
Destiny's Star Staff Hero Time of Dying (Three Day Grace)
Stephanie BlazeStar Tear of the Lost Star Flame Hero
Steve the Warrior LwG 4 (DLC) The Yoshida's Family Sword Hero Love Will Leave a Mark (Red)
Steven Star Shadow’s Spoon
LwG Series
Star Pluck Hero Firefly (Breaking Benjamin)
Stockgil Origin of Order
Yamato and Demon Stripe Villain to Hero Evil Angel (Breaking Benjamin)
Stockny Gat Origin of Order
Shotgun and Demon Stripe Villain to Hero Gets You Through The Night (Adrenaline Mob)
Syafiq "Agito90" Iqbals FRF Kitana and Lightsaber Hero Burn it Down (Linkin Park)
Taiquin ??? N/A Hero
Thomas H. Francis Tear of the Lost
LwG 3 & 4
Steel Sword (Lvl. Basic ) Hero Monster (Imagine Dragons)
Tom Smith Shadow's Spoon Sniper Hero White Picket Fences (Jump Jump Dance Dance)
Trace Sky Tear of the Lost
LwG 3 (DLC) & 4
Drill Sword Villain Collective Consciousness (Jamie Christopherson)
Turbo Fighter: Orton War after Death Orton's Blade Human Save Me (Burn Halo)
Ultimate Blade Battle Night!
Malta's Blues
X Blade and Y Blade Villain I Aint Your Savior (Bullets And Octane)
Unknown Lester Station Square's Attack Needles Hands Villain to Hero Feed (Sevendust)
Vegas von Bruster Malta's Blues Time Ripping Dragons Villain Propane Nightmares (Pendulum)
Venis "Flynn" Turous Lawler-RPG ??? Hero Won't Back Down (Fuel)
Vladuim Twilight Tear of the Lost Silver Mirror Pistol Villain to Hero Right On Time (AM Conspiracy)
Wally Ryan Shadow's Spoon
War after Death
Miracle Sword Hero Well Enough Alone (Chevelle)
Wayne Crasher Tear of the Lost Shovel's Sword Hero Erased My Scars (Evans Blue)
Wheatley Jacob Black Rose Cloak Emperor Knife and Pistol Villain Ladies and Gentlemen (Sailva) 
Yu Katagirl Shadow's Spoon Blue Token Blade Villain Killin Me (Drowning Pool)
Yukiko Hirose Matla's Blues Grass Violin Hero
Zack Crocker Malta's Blues Sapphire Spear Hero Over and Under (Egypt Central)

World of Lawl RP (Unlockable)Edit

Character Series Relic Weapon Side
Aaron Vesa World of Lawl RP Cyber Heaven Sword Hero
Aiden Green World of Lawl RP Star Hound Hero
Alen/Alley Vesa World of Lawl RP Space Chaser Sword Hero
Brian Mind World of Lawl RP N/A Hero
BlackSpeed World of Lawl RP Bad Luck Boots Villain to Hero
Charles Vesa World of Lawl RP Jigsaw Blade Hero
Deago Heat World of Lawl RP Burning Axes Villain
Dennis Blacktop World of Lawl RP Blackhearts Stinger Villain
Destiny the 2nd World of Lawl RP Star Crossbow Hero
Don Irvin World of Lawl RP Stiff Hero
Eddy Body-Hunger World of Lawl RP Giant Knife Villain to Hero
Edward Anarchy World of Lawl RP Star Fringe Villain
Elizabeth Anarchy World of Lawl RP Star Titan Killer Hero
The EX Cyber World of Lawl RP N/A Hero
Frederick Diamond World of Lawl RP Arm Drill Villain to Hero
G-Seven World of Lawl RP Sonic Sword Hero
Garnett Storm World of Lawl RP Black Willow Sword Hero
Jerrod the 2nd World of Lawl RP Needles Arms Hero
Jessie Abyss World of Lawl RP Diamond Black Fists Hero
Jeff Goldbullet World of Lawl RP Golden Gun Villain
Joey Halo World of Lawl RP Dark Angel Sword Hero
Justin Sawday World of Lawl RP Gun n' Scythes Villain
Ken World of Lawl RP Psyho Sword Hero
Kevin Aero Jr. World of Lawl RP Aero Shotgun Hero
Kevin Lifeless World of Lawl RP Slicer Clawz Villain to Hero
Killer Bug World of Lawl RP N/A Villain
Leo Irvin World of Lawl RP Two Kitana Hero
Midas Blazefire World of Lawl RP Star Gold Chaser Hero
Mikey Irvin World of Lawl RP Nunchuck Hero
Mino World of Lawl RP Two Colossus Axes Hero
Monshiri Smith World of Lawl RP Hahakuru Hero
Nick Wolf World of Lawl RP Mirror Arrow Hero
Oilver Creed World of Lawl RP N/A Hero
Rachael Star II World of Lawl RP Star Generation Anti-Hero
Raph Irvin World of Lawl RP Two Sais Hero
Razor Blazefire World of Lawl RP Star Drago Anti-Hero
Shadow Clockstopper World of Lawl RP N/A Villain
Steven Jr. World of Lawl RP Star Plunk II Hero
Stocking Fang LwG4 Casi's Power (Clone) Hero
Terry Spencer World of Lawl RP Red Laser Blade Hero
Thomas Windblade World of Lawl RP Syi Salika & Loka Luha Hero
Toshi Yoshida (New) World of Lawl RP The Yoshida's Family Sword Hero
Travis Flame World of Lawl RP Star Heater Hero to Villain
The Unholy Ones World of Lawl RP N/A Villain
Wade Neverland World of Lawl RP Chain Blade Hero
Wanda Walkers World of Lawl RP Bleed Whip Villain to Hero
Wasp Garmadon World of Lawl RP N/A Villain to Hero
Vivi Lars World of Lawl RP Survivor Knife Hero

Project 7: The Shadow Risk (DLC)Edit

Character Series Relic Weapon Side
Robin Fire Emblem: Awakening Levin Sword and Thoron Hero
Yu Narukami Persona 4 Blade of Totsuka and Izanagi Hero



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