Person of Cosmos is a anime TV show created by the creator of The John Show Collaterale1


Cosmo and Flame Princess are now olders after the events of The John Show, they decided to do adventures with their new Personas to enter the tournament hosted by General Teddie


Main CharactersEdit

  • Cosmo - The 18 Years old Main Protagonist on the Series.
  • Flame Princess (Real Name: Maki Yusomari) - Cosmo's 23 years old friend and partner on the Series.

Major CharactersEdit

  • John - 36 Years old hero, now became the new mayor of the city.
  • Robo - The Robot who working on the Central Park with his boss Edward.
  • Edward - Robo's Boss.
  • Skips - A yeti who works at the central park as a groundskeeper.
  • Thomas - Works at the central park.
  • General Teddie - The Main Antagonist on the Series.
  • Dr.Gero - G. Teddie's Scientist.

Minor CharctersEdit

  • Cream The Rabbit - One of Cosmo's Friend Student at Yikasho High School.
  • The Flame King (Real Name: Richard Mclove) - Maki's Father.
  • Yuri Yusomari - Maki's Long Lost Mother.
  • Yu Narukami - The boy who uses his Persona
  • Igor - The Old Man of the Velvet Room
  • Aaron Moltavo - One of John's Friends, now working in the bar.

Supporting/Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Don - Rigby's Older Brother
  • Finn - Maki's Boyfriend

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