Project 8: The Chaotic Rebellion: The Animated




Team Future Speed

Run time

30 Minutes per episode

Air Date

January 10 2015 - Present

TV Rating

TV-MA (Orginal)
TV-14 (Cut version)

Original Channel


Project 8: The Chaotic Rebellion; The Animation is a web-series anime adaptation of the game made by AIC ASTA. and is overseen by Aniplex.

Characters of The Chaotic RebellionEdit

Character Name Relation Series
Steven Star Protagonist P8Z
Scott Spencer Protagonist P8Z
Lydia Prower Ally (Previously Villain) P8Z
Ace Marshall Ally (Previously Villain) P8Z
Mark Stevens Ally (Previously Villain) P8Z
Eileen Ally Virtua Fighter
Pai Chan Ally Virtua Fighter
Dural Villain Virtua Fighter
Phillip J Fry Ally Futurama
Robot Santa Villain Futurama
Ryu Ally Street Fighters
Ken Masters Ally Street Fighters
Akuma Villain Street Fighters
Homer Simpson Ally Street Fighters
Bart Simpson Ally Street Fighters
Mario Ally Mario
Toad Ally Mario
Bowser Villain Mario
Finn Ally Adventure Time
Jake Ally Adventure Time
Ice King Villain Adventure Time
Russell Ferguson Ally Littlest Pet Shop
Minka Mark Ally Littlest Pet Shop
Zoe Trent Ally Littlest Pet Shop
Biskit Twins Villain Littlest Pet Shop
Honey Lemon Ally Big Hero 6
Yokai Villain Big Hero 6
Sora Ally Kingdom Hearts
Riku Ally Kingdom Hearts
Ansem Villain Kingdom Hearts
Axel Ally (Previous Villain) Kingdom Hearts
Larxene Ally (Previous Villain) Kingdom Hearts
Luxord Ally (Previous Villain) Kingdom Hearts
Kazuto Kirigaya Ally Sword Art Online
Asuna Yuuki Ally Sword Art Online
Suguha Kirigaya Ally Sword Art Online
Yuuki Konno Ally Sword Art Online
Nobuyuki Sugou Villain Sword Art Online
Amethyst Ally Amethyst
Veronica Mars Ally Veronica Mars
Harry Potter Ally Harry Potter
Basilisk Villain Harry Potter
Billie Lurk Ally Dishonored
Kors Meteoryte Ally Tales of Heart
Sonic the Hedgehog Ally Sonic the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog Ally Sonic the Hedgehog
Eggman Nega Villain Sonic the Hedgehog
Wolverine Ally X-Men
Blink Ally X-Men
Cyclops Ally X-Men
Shadow Cat Ally X-Men
Rogue Ally X-Men
Sunspot Ally X-Men
Magneto Ally (Previously Villian) X-Men
Woody Ally Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear Ally Toy Story
Lot-so Villain Toy Story
The Cleric Villain Toy Story
Hiromi Tengenji Ally Burning Force
Optimus Prime Ally Transformers
Megatron Villain Transformers
Sailor Moon Ally Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury Ally Sailor Moon
Sailor Mars Ally Sailor Moon
Prince Demande Villain Sailor Moon
Saphir Villain Sailor Moon
Naruto Uzumaki Ally Naruto
Rick Sanchez Ally Rick and Morty
Morty Smith Ally Rick and Morty
Prince Nebulon Villain Rick and Morty
Captain Falcon Ally F-Zero
Black Shadow Villain F-Zero
Keima Katsuragi Ally The World God Only Knows
Elsie de Lute Irma Ally The World God Only Knows
Ultraman Ally Ultraman
Ultraseven Ally Ultraman
Ultraman Victory Ally Ultraman
Slash Ally X-Kaliber 2097
Meme Tatane Ally Soul Eater Not
Anya Hepburn Ally Soul Eater Not
Ranma Ally Ranma 1/2
Eiji Shigure Ally Gravion
Mizuki Tachibana Ally Gravion
Bryan Mills Ally Taken
Kim Ally Taken
Marko Villain Taken
Scorpion Ally Mortal Kombat
Jade Ally Mortal Kombat
Liu Kang Ally Mortal Kombat
Mark Evans Ally Inazuma Eleven
Yukimura Sanada Ally Samurai Warriors
Jin Kazama Ally Tekken
Ling Xiaoyu Ally Tekken
Akame Ally Akame ga Kill
Esdeath Villain Akame ga Kill
Aria Villain Akame ga Kill
Seryu Ubiquitous Villain Akame ga Kill
Vash the Stampede Ally Trigun
Eve Ally Black Cat
Creed Diskenth Ally (Previous Villain) Black Cat
Lelouch Lamperouge Ally Code Geass
Charles zi Britannia Villain Code Geass
Johnny Test Ally Johnny Test
Regina Ally Dino Crisis
Giganotosaur Villain Dino Crisis
Bigby Wolf Ally The Wolf Among Us
Crooked Man Ally The Wolf Among Us
Edge Maverick Ally Ragnarok Odyssey
Garrett Ally Thief
Gamall Villain Thief
Athena Asamiya Ally Psycho Soldier
Saya Kisaragi Ally Blood-C
Cecilia Armaclite Ally Hexyz Force
Rafael Gemini Ally Hexyz Force
Virtus Villain Hexyz Force
Gunvolt Ally Azure Striker Gunvolt
Wonder Woman Ally The Justice League
Dark Pit Ally Kid Icarus Uprising
Medusa Ally Kid Icarus
Frank West Ally Dead Rising
Jake Long Ally American Dragon Jake Long
Hunt Man Villain American Dragon Jake Long
Zara Villain Wonder Woman
Doremi Harukaze Ally Ojamajo Doremi
Aiko Senoo Ally Ojamajo Doremi
Onpu Segawa Ally Ojamajo Doremi
Hana Makitahayama Ally Ojamajo Doremi
Teito Klein Ally 07-Ghost
Frau Ally 07-Ghost
Ayanami Ally 07-Ghost
Madoka Kaname Ally Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Mami Tomoe Ally Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Tatsuya Shiba Ally Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Erika Chiba Ally Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Misaki Ichijou Ally Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Layfon Alseif Ally Chrome Shelled Regios
Jinbei Tsukishima Ally Mushibugyou
Shungiku Koikawa Ally Mushibugyou
Dizzy Ally Guilty Gear
Jam Kuradoberi Ally Guilty Gear
Judgement Villain Guilty Gear
Raven Villain Guilty Gear
Sillis Lostness Main Antagonist P8Z

[*] - Bonus Episodes

Newcomers in OVAEdit

Character Name Relation Series
Zoey* Ally Left 4 Dead
Ellis* Ally Left 4 Dead
Coach* Ally Left 4 Dead
The Tank* Villain Left 4 Dead
Natsu Dragneel* Ally Fairy Tail
Lucy Heartfillia* Ally Fairy Tail
Juvia Lockser* Ally Fairy Tail
Laxus Dreyar* Ally Fairy Tail
Zancrow* Villain Fairy Tail
Daphne* Villain Fairy Tail
Hyde* Ally Under Night In-Birth
Seth* Ally Under Night In-Birth
Kuon* Villain Under Night In-Birth
Tsukuyomi* Ally (Previously Villain) Under Night In-Birth
Cinque Izumi* Ally Dog Days
Yukikaze Panettone* Ally Dog Days
Momoko* Ally Momo Kyun Sword
AVGN* Ally Lightning Pegasus Edition
Yumil* Ally Avalon Code
Valdo* Villain Avalon Code
Snake* Ally Metal Gear Solid
Kohaku Hearts* Ally Tales of Hearts
Creed Graphite* Villain Tales of Hearts
Kyo Kusanagi* Ally King of Fighters
Yuri Sakazki* Ally King of Fighters
Aqua* Ally Kingdom Hearts
Louise Francoise Le Blanc* Ally Zero no Tsukaima
Aladdin* Ally Aladdin
Gru* Ally Despicable Me
El Macho* Villain Despicable Me
Kevin Keene* Ally Captain N: The Game Master
Tatsumi Oga* Ally Beelzebub
Sailor Venus* Ally Sailor Moon
Toriko* Ally Toriko
Reptillus Maximus* Ally (Previously Villain) Toy Story
Bastion* Villain X-Men
Tyrone King* Villain Dead Rising
Cult of Malcolm* Villain Malcolm


  • Joe Inoue by KAZE NO GOTOKU (1st Opening (1 - 17))
  • Aqua Timez by Isshun no Chiri (2nd Opening (18 - 39))

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 1: The Freedom of Star
  • Episode 2: Into the Adventure of Mushroom
  • Episode 3: 07-Blood Trust
  • Episode 4: Gravitaken
  • Episode 5: Among us Left
  • Episode 6: Future Near You
  • Episode 7: Sailor Witches the Magics
  • Episode 8: Mutant Madness
  • Episode 9: Chaotic Below
  • Episode 10: A Buggy Legend
  • Episode 11: Shell Killer Faith no Concede
  • Episode 12: Angels In the Sky
  • Episode 13: Ninja Rising Permission
  • Episode 14: Krypton of Citizen Peace
  • Episode 15: Azure Striker Eve
  • Episode 16: Zombie of the Invasion
  • Episode 17: Pet Pet Force
  • Episode 18: Magneto's Murder Finish
  • Episode 19: Mortal Fighters
  • Episode 20: Toys Tots and Vehicles
  • Episode 21: Luminous Pegasus
  • Episode 22: Ultra Monsters
  • Episode 23: Judgement and Raven
  • Episode 24: Blink's Path Remain
  • Episode 25: Thiefing Bags from Sentinels
  • Episode 26: Chaotic Door Dead Stream
  • Episode 27: Speed Fast of Hedgehog
  • Episode 28: Hexyz Kingdom
  • Episode 29: Lightning Strike Soccer Player
  • Episode 30: The Passage of Light
  • Episode 31: Veronica the Police Force
  • Episode 32: Sword Art ga Kill
  • Episode 33: Blast the Past
  • Episode 34: Virtua Realms
  • Episode 35: Hidden Medusa
  • Episode 36: Surviving the Mountain
  • Episode 37: Four Mirrors of Elementals
  • Episode 38: Legendary Sword Rebellion
  • Episode 39: Steven's Fight to the Third World
  • Final Episode: Steven vs Sillis the Future Began
  • OVA Episode 1:
  • OVA Episode 2:
  • OVA Episode 3:
  • OVA Episode 4:
  • OVA Episode 5:
  • OVA Episode 6:
  • OVA Episode 7:
  • OVA Episode 8:
  • OVA Episode 9:
  • OVA Episode 10:

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