Project 90' Zone is a crossover of bro pose pair's MUGEN, OC's, YouTube Poops, Celebrities, Plushies, and Cult, etc.


OC CharactersEdit

  • Shazam Oliquino - A filipino kid
  • Shazam123 - Yellow Mario but with a S symbol on the hat and green overalls
  • Shazam7121 - Default noob robloxian
  • Cary Huang - Michael's bro and creator of BFDI
  • DisneyJunior321 - Noob robloxian
  • ShazamOliquino64 - Crazy palette Mario but voiced by Shazam Oliquino

Pair UnitsEdit

  • Justin Buckner & Nathan Provost (ERBParodies) | Co-Creator Rivals
  • Henry Huggle-Monster & Spongebob Squarepants (Same name of the Show) | Yellow annoyance Differents
  • SAGAWA (Transport Community), Takakazu Abe, Windows 2k-tan, Shimonkin, and Heika (Futuba) | NIjikakuians
  • Drogba, CAN, Genesis, Hyogo Boxer, & Cly Clamberg (Original) | Duck@ssians
  • StickBeater, Jake & Nanarman (Original | MUGEN) | Pivot Trio
  • Dearka Elsman (Gundam) & Arnold Schwarzenegger(Same name of the Universe) | Badass Actors (Possiblty Trio w/ Sylvester Stallone)
  • Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) & Light Yagami (Death Note) | Different from Frollo and Ayumu Aikawa
  • Spelunker & Super Masao (Same name of the Game) | Different mario Clones
  • Cary Huang & Michael Huang (Real Life) | Bro creators of BFDI(A)
  • Goombella (Paper Mario 10' Year Door) & Kolorado (Paper Mario 64) | Bowser fellower explorers
  • Chris Carbery (YouTube) & Zander Kanack (ERBParodies) | A actor an a Different something out TheZSHRED
  • Kenenth Hernandez & Pedro Higin (YouTube) | Shazam Oliquino's Fellowers
  • Summer Hugglemonster (Henry Huggle-Monster) & Pop Diva (Paper Mario 64) | A chord toad and a dancing pink Monster
  • Greenman (Pivot | MUGEN) & Mr. Funny (Original | Habbo | MUGEN) | Weird mugen'eers
  • (Somehow) Attack FX B (Paper Mario 64) & Pluto's Bouncy Ball (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) | Walking balls

Asst. UnitsEdit

  • Attack FX B (Paper Mario) (Joke Character but can moving around, ducking then Jumping) (Sometimes in Pair. Units)
  • Bouncy Ball (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) (Moving around for Bouncing repeatedly times) (Sometimes in Pair. Units)

(To Be Annouced)

Rival UnitsEdit


Voice Actors/ActressesEdit

To Be Annouced.

Bro Unit. Pair PicturesEdit

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