Project XD Legend Royale




Team Future Speed

Run time

30 Minutes per episode

Air Date

June 1 2015 - Present

TV Ratings


Original Channel


Project XD Legend Royale is a web-series anime adaption made by AIC ASTA. and is overseen by Aniplex.

Characters of Legend RoyaleEdit

Character Name Relation Series
Kenchia Protagonist P7Z
Bruce BlazeStar Protagonist P7Z
Ellis Lostness Ally (Previously Villain) P7Z
Maxwell Sins Ally (Previously Villain) P7Z
Demitri Blade Ally (Previously Villain) P7Z
Yu Narukami Ally Persona 4
Tohru Adachi Villain Persona 4
Stan Smith Ally American Dad
Meta Knight Ally Kirby
Sword Knight Ally Kirby
Galacta Knight Villain Kirby
Princess Luna Ally MLP: FiM
Shining Armor Ally MLP:FiM
Princess Cadance Ally MLP:FiM
Discord Neutral (Previously Villain) MLP:FiM
Batsu Ichimonji Ally Rival School
Kyosuke Kagami Ally Rival School
Hyo Imawano Neutral (Previously Villain) Rival School
Hayoto Kanzaki Ally Star Gladiator
Bilstein Villain Star Gladiator
Mordecai Ally Regular Show
Rigby Ally Regular Show
Benson Neutral Regular Show
Garry B. Fergerson Jr. Villain Regular Show
Mike Chiton Ally MotorCity
Aerrow Ally Storm Hawk
Finn Ally Storm Hawk
Dark Ace Villain Storm Hawk
Leopold Slikk Ally Angry German Kid
Stephen Quire Villain Freakout Kid
Fegelein Ally Downfalls
Takashi Komuro Ally Highschool of the Dead
Rei Miyamoto Ally Highschool of the Dead
Saeko Busujima Ally Highschool of the Dead
Kohta Hirano Ally Highschool of the Dead
Isaac Clarke Ally Dead Space
Adam Jenson Ally Deus Ex.
Stewie Griffin Ally Family Guy
Brian Griffin Ally Family Guy
Squall Leonhart Ally Final Fantasy 8
Riona Heartilly Ally Final Fantasy 8
Zell Dinchy* Ally Final Fantasy 8
Ultimecia Villain Final Fantasy
Gambit Ally X-Men
Galen Marck Ally Star Wars
Cole MarGarth Ally InFAMOUS
Jack Forst Ally Rise of the Guardian
Pitch Black Villain Rise of the Guardian
Isa Jo Ally Sin and Punishment
Kachi Ally Sin and Punishment
Commander Deko Villain Sin and Punishment
Strider Hinyu Ally Strider
Strider Hien Villain Strider
Snake Eyes Ally G.I.Joe
Travis Touchdown Ally No More Heroes
Henry Cooldown Neutral No More Heroes
Jeane Villain No More Heroes
Strawberry Shortcake Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
Cherry Jam Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
Orange Blossom Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
Ginger Snap Ally Strawberry Shortcake (2003)
Angel Cake Ally Strawberry Shortcake (2003)
Blueberry Muffin Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
Lemon Meringue Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
Plum Pudding Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
Raspberry Torte Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
Huckleberry Pie Ally Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
JoJo Tickle Ally JoJo's Circus
Goliath the Lion Ally JoJo's Circus
Skeebo Ally JoJo's Circus
Trina Tightrope Ally JoJo's Circus
Croaky Frogini Ally JoJo's Circus
Juliet Starling Ally Lollipop Chainsaw
Zed Villain Lollipop Chainsaw
Megaman Zero Ally Megaman Zero
Megaman Volnett Ally Megaman Legend
Axle the Red Villain Megaman X5
Cyborg Ally Teen Titan
Raven Ally Teen Titan
Bloom Ally Winx Club
Stella Ally Winx Club
Sky Ally Winx Club
Icy Villain (Previously Neutral) Winx Club
Momohime Ally Muramasa
Kisuke Ally Muramasa
Yagyu Yukinojyo Neutral Muramasa
Anna Ally Frozen
Elsa Ally Frozen
Olaf Ally Frozen
Kristoff Ally Frozen
Svem Ally Frozen
Prince Hans Villain Frozen
Lloyd Irving Ally Tales of Symphonia
Kratos Aurion* Ally Tales of Symphonia
Death the Kid Ally Soul Eater
Black Star Neutral Soul Eater
Jack Cayman Neutral Madworld
The Black Baron Villain Madworld
Bayonetta Ally Bayonetta
Jeanne Neutral Beyonetta
Agent P Ally Phineas and Ferb
Dipper Pines Ally Gravity Falls
Mabel Pines Ally Gravity Falls
Grunkel Stan Ally Gravity Falls
Lil Gideon Villain Gravity Falls
Huey Freeman Ally Boondocks
Riley Freeman Neutral Boondocks
Stinkmeaner Neutral (Perviously Villain) Boondocks
Izayoi Sakamaki Ally Problem Children
Black Rabbit Ally Problem Children
Mai Tsurugino Ally Kendo Rage
Wonder Momo Ally Wonder Momo
Future Gohan Ally Dragonball Z
Future Trunks Ally Dragonball Z
Tapion* Ally Dragonball Z
Android 16 Neutral Dragonball Z
Android 17 Villain Dragonball Z
Android 18 Villain Dragonball Z
Hirudegam* Villain Dragonball Z
Princess Sofia the First Ally Sofia the First
Pirate Jake Ally Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Doc McStuffins Ally Doc McStuffins
Panty Anarchy Ally Panty and Stocking
Stocking Anarchy Ally Panty and Stocking
Scanty Villain Panty and Stocking
Kneesocks Villain Panty and Stocking
Kat Ally Gravity Rush
Raven Ally Gravity Rush
Kit Taylor (Dragon Knight) Ally Kamen Rider
Len (Wing Knight) Ally Kamen Rider
Maya Young (Siren) Ally Keman Rider
Doctor Strange Ally Doctor Strange
The Kusagari Ally Red Steel 2
Shinjiro Villain Red Steel 2
Rushuna Tendo Ally Grenadier
Teppa Aizen Neutral Grenadier
Setsuna Oomido Neutral (Perviously Villain) Grenadier
Yun Lee Ally Street Fighter
Yang Lee Ally Street Fighter
Alex Ally Street Fighter
Gill Villain Street Fighter
Ranga the Bloodedge Neutral BlazBlue
Jin Kisaragi Ally BlazBlue
Hazama Villain BlazBlue
Scott Pilgrim Ally Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Ramona Flowers Ally Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Gideon Graves Villain Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
William Dunbar Neutral Code Lyoko
Inuyasha Ally Inuyasha
Sesshomaru Villain Inuyasha
Chrom Ally Fire Emblem
Robin Ally Fire Emblem
Lucina Ally Fire Emblem
Gangrel* Villain Fire Emblem
Billy Lee Ally Double Dragon
Timmy Lee Ally Double Dragon
Shadow Warrior Villain Double Dragon
Kilik Ally Soul Calibur
Xianghuna Ally Soul Calibur
Maxi Ally Soul Calibur
Night Terror Villain Soul Calibur
Silver the Hedgehog Ally Sonic 06
Blaze the Cat Ally Sonic 06
Mephile the Dark Villain Sonic 06
Grave Neutral Gungrave
Alucard Neutral Hellsing
Wreck-It Ralph Ally Wreck-It Ralph
Vanellope Von Schweetz Ally Wreck-It Ralph
Fix-It Felix Jr. Ally Wreck-It Ralph
Sergeant Calhoun Ally Wreck-It Ralph
Turbo Villain Wreck-It Ralph
Giorno Giovanna* Hero Vento Aureo
Trish Una* Hero Vento Aureo
Guido Mista* Hero Vento Aureo
Pannacotta Fugo* Neutral Vento Aureo
Diavolo* Villain Vento Aureo
Aino Heart* Hero Arcana Heart
Saki Tsuzura* Hero Arcana Heart
Asuka* Hero Senran Kagura
Katsuragi* Hero Senran Kagura
Neku Sakuraba* Hero The World End with You
Rex Salazer* Hero Generator Rex
Van Kleiss* Villain Generator Rex
Agnès Oblige* Hero Bravely Defaults
Tiz Arrior* Hero Bravely Defaults
Heavy* Hero TF2
Medic* Hero TF2
Scout* Hero TF2
Simon Belmont* Hero Castlevania
Ryu Hayabusa* Hero Ninja Gaiden
Kasumi* Hero Dead or Alive
Ayane* Hero Dead or Alive
Frollo* Neutral The Frollo Show
Gaston* Neutral The Frollo Show
Golden Darkness Ally To-Love-Ru
Black* Villain To-Love-Ru
Suiseisuki Ally Rozen Maiden
Ryu Suzaku Ally F-Zero
Mondo Zappa Ally Killer is Dead
Hamada-Yama* Villain Killer is Dead
Eren Yeager Allly Attack on Titan
Jack Spicer Neutral Xiadom Showdown
Phantom R Ally Phantom Thief
Zhao Yun Ally Dynasty Warriors
Ruby Rose Ally RWBY
Nevermore* Villain RWBY
Nathan Drake Ally Uncharted
Nightwing Neutral Injustice
Deathstroke Villain Injustice
Nobunaga Neutral Pokemon Conquest
Athena Asamiya Ally Psycho Soldier
Asura Neutral Asura’s Wrath
Augus* Villain Asura’s Wrath
Alec Mason Ally Red Fraction
Kaijin no Soki Ally Onimusha
Leon Kennedy Ally Resident Evil
Hawkeye Ally The Avenger
Sam Flynn* Ally Tron
Rinzler* Ally Tron
Captain N* Ally Captain N: The Game Master
Afro* Ally Afro Samurai
Yusuke Urameshi* Ally YuYu Hakusho
Momotaro Tsurugi* Ally Hideyuki Hori
Agito90* Neutral FRF
Medon Lostness Main Antagonist P7Z

(*) - Bonus Episodes


  • Finale by Madeon



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