Project Z.E.D






T for Teen


The John Studios
Team Future Speed

Project Z.E.D (Project Zeta Enbrace Dimensional) is a role-playing game devoleped by The John Studios, SEGA, Capcom, Namco and Published by Team Future Speed, and features characters from Many Series.



Same as Project X Zone.


Pair UnitsEdit

  • John and Robo (The John Show)
  • Cosmo (Sonic X) and Amalia (Wakfu)
  • Maximo (Maximo: Ghosts of Glory) and Dig Dug aka Taizo Hori (Dig Dug)
  • Amy Rose and Big the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Ryu and Ken (Street Fighter)
  • Chun-Li (Street Fighter) and Jam Kuradobei (Guilty Gear)
  • Hulk (The Incredible Hulk) and Android 16* (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Zeta the Echidna and Ishiame Taker (Deviantart)
  • Bender (Futurama) and Gallade (Pokèmon)
  • Commander Shepard (Dead Space) and Master Chief (Halo)
  • Baljeet and Buford (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Panty and Stocking (Panty and Stocking)
  • Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei (Touhou)
  • Homer and Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)
  • James Bond and Stan Smith (American Dad!)
  • Batman and Robin
  • Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter

Assist PairEdit

  • Kay the Bodyguard (GoAnimate!)
  • Goku (Dragon Ball)
  • Gokò (Gokū no Daibōken)
  • Ben Tennyson (Ben 10)
  • Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony)
  • Don Ramon (El Chavo)
  • Aaron Moltavo
  • Britton
  • Totò Sapore
  • Faust (Guilty Gear)
  • Tulio and Miguel (The Road to El Dorado)
  • The Joker* (Batman)
  • Dark Oak* (Sonic X)
  • Krusty Clown (The Simpsons)
  • Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
  • PTX-40A (Lost Planet)
  • Dr. Nefarious* (Ratchet and Clnak)
  • Cyborg (Teen Titans)
  • Skipper (Madagascar)

NOTE: Characters with * symbol are initially an enemy unit.

Rival UnitsEdit

  • Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Cell (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Vilgax (Ben 10)
  • Rhino and Sandman (Spiderman)
  • Nox (Wakfu)
  • Dr. Wily (Mega Man)
  • M. Bison (Street Fighter)
  • Harley Quinn (Batman)
  • Testament (Guilty Gear)
  • Andrew-Star (Elite)
  • Ridley (Metroid)
  • Vega (Street Fighter)
  • Char Aznable (Gundam)
  • Prismriver Sisters (Touhou)
  • Hazama (BlazBlue)
  • Virus John (Original)
  • Deathstroke (Teen Titans)
  • Jiralhanae War Chieftain (Halo) (One-time only)
  • Momma Tyhrranoid (Ratchet and Clank)
  • Jinpachi Mishima (Tekken)
  • Tzekel-Kan and the Stone Jaguar (The Road to El Dorado)
  • Metarex Carrer (Sonic X)
  • Metarex Kingape (Sonic X)
  • Kitsurugi (Final Boss, original)

Enemy UnitsEdit

  • Hoyosu (Original)
  • Elite Hoyosu (Original)
  • Jijhoku (Original)
  • Air Striker Jijihoku (Original)
  • Water Marine Jijihoku (Original)
  • Aztec Guardian (The Road to El Dorado)
  • Metarex Pterano (Sonic X)
  • Metarex Gillman
  • Gillman's Boss
  • Metarex Gigatail
  • Egg Pawn
  • Catekiller
  • Motobug
  • Buzzbomber
  • Red Puyo
  • Blue Puyo
  • Green Puyo
  • Yellow Puyo
  • Violet Poyo
  • Badaclocom (Wakfu)
  • Chaos Pirate (Wakfu)
  • Chaos Captain (Wakfu)
  • Sacrier (Wakfu)
  • Gobball (Wakfu)
  • Large Gobball
  • Xelor (Wakfu)
  • Skeleton (Maximo: Ghosts of Glory)
  • Ghost (Maximo: Ghosts of Glory)
  • Shield Skeleton (Maximo: Ghosts of Glory)
  • Crow (Ghosts n' Goblins)
  • Mimic (Ghosts n' Goblins)
  • Necromorph (Dead Space)
  • Exploder (Dead Space)
  • Infector (Dead Space)
  • Unggoy (Halo)
  • Unggoy Ultra (Halo)
  • Jiralhanae Ultra (Halo)
  • Mgalekgolo (Halo)
  • Met (Mega Man)
  • Sniper Joe (Mega Man)
  • Axe Joe (Mega Man)
  • Batton (Mega Man)
  • Met D2 (Mega Man X)
  • Metall Ride (Mega Man X)
  • Mettaur Gigant (Mega Man X)
  • Einhammer (Mega Man X)
  • Gyro Cannon (Mega Man Zero)
  • Swordy (Mega Man Battle Network)
  • Horokko (Mega Man Legends)
  • Red Horokko
  • Ghost (Panty and Stocking)
  • Kedema (Touhou)
  • Large Kedema
  • Fairy (Touhou)
  • Lily White
  • Lily Black
  • Guard (James Bond)
  • Armadillo (Jak and Daxter)
  • Uber-Bot 888 (Jak and Daxter)
  • Axe Bot (Ratchet and Clank)
  • Large Axe Bot
  • Blarg Commander (Ratchet and Clank)
  • Robomutt (Ratchet and Clank)
  • Reaper (Ratchet and Clank)
  • Elite Reaper
  • One-Eyed Tyhrranoid
  • Three-Eyed Tyhrranoid
  • Tyhrranoid Commander
  • Clown (Batman)
  • Elite Clown (Batman)
  • Robot Commando (Teen Titans)



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