Original Reika

Reika Kitami is the mysterious, seductive school nurse and the main antagonist of Bible Black.

Name: Reika Kitami
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Abilities: Dark Spell
Allies: Ultron Shredder
First Appearance: Bible Black


Black Bible: OriginsEdit

Main article: Young Reika Kitami

Black BibleEdit

She seems to take a liking for Minase, and she knows about his experiments with black magic. She has a lengthy history. As a teenager with an innocent personality, she was a student at the school twelve years ago. After a long chain of events, she was eventually used as a sacrificial virgin in a ritual for the original Witchcraft Group (which was originally led by Miss Takashiro, though she left the group before the ritual). However, since she was in fact not a virgin (as a result of rape) at the time of the sacrifice, the ritual went horribly awry, causing the group's new leader to slaughter the other members in rage. Finally, the Gates of Hell start to open. Reika, having miraculously lived through being stabbed multiple times as the sacrifice, gets up from the alter and uses the last of her strength to kill the group's leader. She reluctantly agrees with Satan to make a contract with him, in order to stay alive. This turned her into the person she is now. Now, the time that Satan gave her to live is running out, and she is searching for a new female virgin body to use as a reincarnation. In order to do this, she holds special counseling sessions for the female students. Having the ability to turn her clitoris into a fully functioning penis, she has sex with the female student during the session in order to see if she is a virgin. After learning that Miss Takashiro was in fact the leader of the group that used her as a sacrifice (although she was not the leader when she was sacrificed), she seeks revenge on her and uses her in many torturous experiments.

Original (Evil) Reika vs Alternate (Good) ReikaEdit

Original Reika wants her young self as evil. but,She don't want it. So she will fight her.


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